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Can’t take much more

I am sobbing whilst typing this. I am at my lowest eb of the court proceedings I am caught up in both criminal and childrens matters.

I have today received a social workers report ordered by the court in relation to contact issues for my children.

Their father awaits trial in December for rape and indecent assault. Of me.

<location redacted> social services have produced a report that says and I quote... "If hes found not guilty this will raise concerns about the lengths I will go to in attempt to isolate him from his children"

I do not have the words at the moment. Only tears.

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3 thoughts on “Can’t take much more

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We believe you. This comment is to let other users know that we have been in contact and are looking at finding you some professional support to deal with these issues.

    Again, thank you. Sending peaceful thoughts.

  • J says:

    Shame on those social workers. I take it you feel they are suggesting this is a false accusation? Someone needs to force them to read the article on this site defining the difference between an acquittal and innocence. Make sure your own solicitor does.

  • nicola says:

    Please have faith that this will end ok for you and your children. Ive been through family court, but because there was no conviction against him it took a long time and I was repeatedly called a liar by his counsel. But, Family Court Judges can see whats going on. Social services made comments like that in my reports, basically sitting on the fence to cover their own back. I had to take the kids to supervised contact with him, but he didnt turn up and it was terminated. In the end he had all rights to direct contact suspended and the children live with me full time with no ongoing support from social services. It was horrific and I know how you feel, i wouldnt wish it on anyone. I just wanted to tell you it will get better and you will begin to heal. We are a year away from the last court date (in december) the kids havent seen their dad now in nearly 2 years. The kids and mine relationship is so different and good compared to before, and apart from the odd nightmare and bedwetting the kids are thriving. you will make it through, just be strong and know it will be ok. Ill be thinging about you.