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CAFCASS & The Family Courts

I have to mention this to you although I have to do it anonymously. (I nearly tweeted!!)
I had my first experience of the family court yesterday.

I was served papers to attend by my emotionally abusive ex partner.

Judge made it very clear, repeatedly, that I had no more *power* than my children's father and CAF CASS demanded to know that if he was abusive why I hadn't done more about it before.

I don't think I would have recognised it as victim blaming if It wasn't for you.

First time I have stood up for myself in 13 years.


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2 thoughts on “CAFCASS & The Family Courts

  • Jane Evans says:

    So sorry to hear of your experience such a painful shock. Sadly all too familiar as many women I supported were treated this way. CAFCASS are supposed to be trained to understand effects of domestic abuse on victims especially children.

    Are you being supported by a DV worker?

  • Tasnim says:

    My experience of CAFCASS has been wholly negative. Their advice line gave me poor advice that resulted in poor decision-making by me as I followed their advice. The printed materials are good but the advice line was very poor.