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bullying hate crime police not being believed making out im crazy.

this is how powerful the Merseyside police are I know now that their are no honest police officers in Merseyside police force and how they bully intimidate victims of crime especially when you go to the IPCC commission to complain about police conduct when they didn't believe you because a crime had been committed. The chief constable of Merseyside police told one of his police officers that yes their was evidence that my rape wasn't investigated properly because his head of his investigation department told me over the phone while I was at university after speaking the day before at Merseyside police Headquarters to this person. He said it came from the chief constable this police officer had told him about are meeting. I feel that the police have treated me disgracefully and discriminately they ve played mind games making out they care on my twitter they've bullied myself in my road near my home inside when I ve been in by revering the car really loud to frighten me at the back and front of my home. They have lied made out I;m crazy to other professionals especially people like my therapist at RASA today. I have to give up university because of Merseyside Police and other professionals who've been bullying me as well not only by my home uni saying their safeguarding me to bully me even more. I have no faith in any police force or even doctors and nurses or any other human being where I lived. They've been cruel, unkind, abused me and then made out im crazy because I have mental health difficulties. I saw a therapist today when I was distressed after trying to discuss this in a session when I was distressed smirked as I left the building so I already think she didn't want me to come by her actions in the room when you talk to a therapist about fear as a child and try and talk about what fear means today because of the bullying she wasn't understanding and then because I was distressed and frustrated she didn t get it or believed anything I said and made out I was crazy and really angry but I was more frustrated at the way she was behaving towards myself. So I guess she really didn't get the distress, anger, pain or frustration and blamed me for trying to explain and instead I don't understand made me out to be crazy and a liar and aggressive but she didn't want to see it from my view point. I lost it big time because how many times I have told these police officers to stop it they won t listen or care they just do it even more and couldn't t care less. I ve tried to go through proper channels. the police headquarters spoke to the police and crime commissionaires officers even went to a hate crime organisation they told me they don't report the police and the police crime commissionaire would not even speak to me on the phone or make an appointment to discuss the issue. I will never speak about my abuse again or my mental health or even go to university because im not listen to im not respected and the police don t see the bullying as a problem or listen to me because they don't think I have a right to speak about how they have treated me. when I went to report my rape I will never ever go to the police again and If I was raped or attacked again I would never ever go to a police officer or nurse or doctor to report. I will still tell others to go and report to the police their abuse, rape and domestic violence but for me I will never ever go to the police again. I ve seen a horrible side to the police again and again. I ve been blamed for my rape, abuse as a child because of the way the police keep treating me. I thought their attitudes were changing slowly towards victims of rape and abuse may be they are but not to me I guess it depends if you have a mental health difficulty or a learning disability on how you are treated. I guess being raped doesn't amount to much your just another static another tick box target to how we are dealt with from a police officer. But we who are raped abused by men and women. we are human beings. we have feeling, thoughts and emotions, we feel angry, sad, hopeless, worthless, we feel unclean, dirty, unworthy and then we come to you to make a complaint, to give a statement of are rape or abuse, to you then you who treat us the same as are rapist. you judge are biased discriminative. you blame us, you make us feel like were are a criminal because we come to you to get help. you dismiss us because were hurt, angry, and distressed. you then victim blame us or make out where liars. then you make us feel even more dirty, ashamed, guilty, unworthy and tell us to go away and you make us more distressed, more sad, hurt and then you ve said she's crazy, she's lying and then you see people like me destroy are lives because you have shown me how I feel about myself. because my body was violated by others and your look of disgust hate and indifference towards me is shown towards me by your body language and actions and how you speak to me and your words come like a knife to destroy me. Then you see people on the street homeless, in mental hospitals, in prison on drugs and drink because they came to you before reported a crime, a rape being abuse and you showed them your indifference, uncaring biased attitude and showed them the door stop wasting our time because their are more worthy victims than you to listen and be heard. This is victim blaming at its best by Merseyside police and any police force who behaves like this to people who have been raped and abused. So welcome to my world welcome to the pain of indifference, of discrimination and biased attitudes that the police have towards people with mental health difficulties who have been raped and abused. This is Disability Hate crime at its best to destroy another with lies and bullying its not your neighbour, its not a stranger, but its professionals not all police officers but the minority who are bullying who make out its fun and ruining it for the rest who are good police officers because who will we remember the bad ones who destroy us the law abiding citizens just like you and like me. But strangely the police can't be investigated for disability hate crime just like you and me because we have a two tier system in this country one law for one and another law for another but I see is the law is the law for everyone we are all equal in the eyes of the law and we all should be treated the same as anyone else who has been guilty of breaking the law and be investigated properly. So for me this is my story to date the sad story of my life of despair.


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One thought on “bullying hate crime police not being believed making out im crazy.

  • Had a Very similar experience of abuse, victimization, arrogance, dishonesty, criminality, bullying, intimidation, threats, persecution from Devon & Cornwall police over a period of many years.

    As a child sexual abuse survivor victim I WILL be giving testimony to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse AGAINST numerous officers of Devon & Cornwall constabulary. Police officers who over a period of years have colluded & collaborated in covering up child rape & further misconduct & abuses from police officers.

    I would no more trust ANY Devon & Cornwall police officer in my home than I would a convicted serial killer, rapist or drug dealer.