Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

bullying and manipulation and how unkind people can be

what it feels like when others are being unkind and cruel and hide behind the professionalism but also they can delete tweets and then say to people oh she's paranoid. This is are police force who are trying to hurt me so much this evening. I had a great day and I was having a great evening till they just bullied me and thinks its ok. I have already a lot to deal with I have 6 chronic physical illness and I'm slowly going blind, and have CPTSD with symptoms of hearing voices,paranioa and depression.
I have never hid my mental health till people here professionals who have bullied me when they called me a liar about being raped and they belittle me in meetings. I need tot alk about what happened to me but here they don't want that here they want to destroy me and make out I'm crazy on twitter. My paraniao is about being followed and helicoptors because of the Mormon church nothing to do with the police nothing to do with mental health professionals part of my paranioa is to do with trust I do not trust anyone and can you see why when I'm being bullied constantly. Sometimes they play games just like in the playground and just like my ex who was good at manipulation and psychological games. This is how the police work not all but some play psychological games and make out your crazy to all and sundrey when in fact they want to hurt you. I am use to psychological torture I've had since I was a kid from my mother and my grandfather(step) so I'm used to being treated in this way. S was good at this I said he should have got a degree in this so should some of the police offciers who have been trying to hurt me.

What do they have to gain people who bully what do they see when a person who has been abused by others most of their life to put another human being down to make themselves feel good and powerful. My ex was good at put downs using power and fear and being nice one moment and being abusive the nest. We've all of us have in us to be abusive its us who decides to try and change. The mind games people play in abusive controlling relationships to make out someone is crazy and unstable. My tears tonight our sadness, sadness for the child, sadness for the young woman and sadness for the abusive powerful relationships that want to destroy me as a women mother student and all that I can could be. What do we as human beings gain to abuse others to make out another is crazy because of their own self worth to make themselves feel powerful and good. I've seen my life and my chooses are mine to make nobody else my body, my mind my life my chooses. Its a shame that we have men women in power to want to destroy another because of their freedom of speech freedom to say you treated me wrong you didn t investigate and your bullying me to destroy me and anything I have made in my life this is what women men go through in domestic violence. You talk and show me the police care in your twitter feeds but do you because all I keep seeing is bullying and trying to control and manipulate me.

You might not like the way I say things but that's who I am and I'm not changing me because their is nothing wrong with me. Your the one with the barriers, your the one who will never understand about abuse rape and mind control because your biased and have blinkers on. We come to the law makers to be protected to feel safe but you haven't made us feel anything but despair and lack of trust. Police officers who say they care about the communizes they serve in well show your communities instead of using power and control and destroying another that you care because I'm not your enemy in not anything but another person just like you. I ve just seen a video of your colleagues who have mental health and their despair their pain and nobody cared what does that say when nobody cares in a world full of despair and pain.

I might piss you of I might get you angry but so do I about you if you no what I feel or think but you don't want me to have a voice I trusted you once but no more because all you have done is be unkind to me. I have no faith no faith in the law anymore you all saw to that when you lied and want to destroy and hurt me. What do you have to gain to destroy another what do you have to gain to destroy my family what don't you think I ve been through hell being raped being abused being hurt so why keep hurting me would you do the same to your mum your wife children nan so why me. I see a police force in disarray a police force who is biased against mental health a police3 force that wants to destroy another human being a police force that lets bullying happen to a disabled person by their police officers and turns the other way.

My life your life everybody's life deserves a chance so why bully hurt and destroy another human being aren't we all brothers. I could be your nan your mother your father your brother sister child abuse bullying rape doesn't distinguish from anybody and nor domestic violence what you say to another and hurt another tomorrow they could not be here because you never no with your words and I say a lot but your actions can and do destroy another and most people who killed themselves(I'm not suicidal) but can dest4roy another human beings life. Bullies think what your doing because many a have killed themselves because of being bullied. so please stop hurting me and please get help because you need it.


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