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An experience of teen domestic abuse

2 and a half years ago, I was with my ex boyfriend, I will shorten his name to B, we were both 16.

We were together for only two weeks, just a few days into the relationship he started to show controlling behaviour, telling me to wear revealing clothes 'for easy access.' I was confused at first, until he beat me and raped me for the first time.

This happened a few times. He then went to call me a slut and that I deserved it because I was wearing revealing clothes (yet he made me dress like that).

We broke up, after a very serious incident happened (too graphic to describe) that caused me to jump out of his window and running away from it as fast as I could, to my house.

He started to threaten my family.

I told a couple of friends in confidence yet somehow he found out and told everyone I lied about what he did, the amount of hate I got from people was horrible.

I was too scared to report it because he is so manipulative, and if he could twists everyone's minds to make them think I was lying, he could do that to the police too.

Nearly 3 years on, I suffer from mental illness and traumatic flashbacks, and I still have internal damage due to the rape.


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