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Abused for defending Criado-Perez

I've been following the Criado-Perez twitter story since the beginning and have regularly defended her to other online trolls. Today, I started receiving abuse from one particular internet troll for pointing out to him the changes that feminists have made over the years. Here is one of the tweets he sent me:
"Get your asses in the kitchen and do what a woman is supposed to do and tend to the men"
I was also told to 'shut your piehole' and 'show me your stink wrinkle'. Now that ladies and gentlemen, is another word for vagina. Thank you Urban Dictionary.
He also told me to "shut your f****** mouth', clearly an attempt to frighten me into silence. But it's because there are misogynistic neanderthals like him still around, I will never shut my mouth. So this is me SHOUTING THE FUCK BACK!!!!


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One thought on “Abused for defending Criado-Perez

  • ThinkOfYourChildren says:

    The world is full of idiots. Thank God you still have the freedom of choice to block this idiot. That way you don’t haabe to read the tweets.