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There is no such thing as child prostitution.

Dear BBC,

I'm sure we've had this conversation before but you still seem to be struggling with this issue: there is no such thing as child prostitution. By definition, children cannot consent to have sex with an adult. They most certainly cannot consent to work in prostitution.

Your story entitled "Leicester child prostitution trial: Six men Jailed" dated August 30 is not the story of "child prostitution". It is the story of the repeated rape of a vulnerable, self-harming 16 year old girl by 6 men who clearly knew she was underage and vulnerable.

Using the term "child prostitute" elides the responsibility of the men for trafficking, soliciting a child for sexual abuse and raping a vulnerable teenage girl.

This was a teenage girl who needed help and instead 6 men raped her. That is the story. It is not a story of "child prostitution" and it harms children when the media helps perpetuate and perpetrate the lies in our rape culture.

The BBC needs to do better when reporting cases of child sexual exploitation: neither "child prostitution" nor "child pornography" exist.

These are cases of child sexual abuse and rape . Stop minimising the violence done to the bodies of vulnerable children.

The link to the article is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-2389693

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