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The abuser that fits into your pocket

It seems that a phone app has been created to help women lose weight. This app has been derived from a phone app that was originally aimed at men. In the
app aimed at men there is what has been described as a "hot chick" who gently encourages the man to excercise.

However during the adaptation and metamorphosis of the app into one for women instead of encouragement it suddenly becomes insults like "Hey Fattie" Because apparently its insults instead of encouragement that works for women right?

This is how normalized abuse has become.

How on earth can we teach or show young people that this is NOT the way women and girls should be treated when they are recieving messages from society that this abuse is not just ok but normal and perfectly fine.

It is bad enough to have subliminal messages in society showing that this
kind of abuse is ok.

However this message is not subliminal. It is pretty damn direct.

We need a cultural shift NOW.  We need to stop treating women like objects and start treating them like people NOW.  We need to stop worshipping at the altar of celebrity NOW.

Most of all the sexism and mysogyny behind "ideas" like this ridiculous hateful discrminatory phone app needs to be challenged every step of the way.

The hatred levelled at women and girls needs to stop NOW.


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2 thoughts on “The abuser that fits into your pocket

  • ThinkOfYourChildren says:

    Dreadful, thank God we still have freedom of choice. I won’t be downloading that app!

  • Elizabeth @LizJ73. says:

    Hi. Just to say that i actually wrote this submission. I know EVB have been swamped recently though so its probably been filed under Admin by mistake.