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Sue Cook, Formerly of Crimewatch, says old, rich, famous men shouldn’t be accountable for child sexual abuse

Sue Cook, whose most recent claim to fame was as a member of Rolf Harris' defence team, has said Operation Yewtree is presenting " crimes committed 30 years ago ... in the wrong context." Apparently, old, rich, white famous men shouldn't be held accountable for serial sexual abuse and rape because we don't have the right to "hound" old men "out of their houses" or take their computers.

They, obviously, have the rights to sexually assault, harass and rape women and we should all just shut the fuck up about it because it hurts their feelings to be held accountable for rape. I do love how Cook compares having her bra snapped to the crimes committed by Harris, who was convicted of 12 indecent assaults on 4 girls between the ages of 7 to 19. Harris has also been questioned about further offences in February of this year. Cook, however, suggests that serial child sexual abuse is just "sexist".

Honestly, the unmitigated gaul of the police arresting old, rich, white men for child sexual abuse. And, the horror of the CPS actually prosecuting them. And, a jury who found them guilty.

What will the world come to if we actually hold abusive men responsible for their actions?





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6 thoughts on “Sue Cook, Formerly of Crimewatch, says old, rich, famous men shouldn’t be accountable for child sexual abuse

  • maria says:

    Well my answer to sue would be ,if we don’t hold old men responsible ,then young men will think it’s ok !

    Thank you evb ,for your work to open the discussion xxx

  • Theresa Baker says:

    Well said! Arrogance and ignorance, an odious combination. An apology to Rolf Harris’ victims would have served her better. Unfortunately she represents a typical ‘I used to have my bottom pinched at work and I didn’t report it’ cohort that aligns child abuse to inappropriate behaviour at work. There is a HUGE difference. Rolf Harris being convicted of the latter.

  • Suzi says:

    She and other apologists for this disgusting behaviour really need to examine their beliefs and values because they too are part of the problem.

  • Alice says:

    What planet is this woman on?! Perish the thought that old, rich, white men should be held accountable for child sex abuse! Another example of the ‘protect the villain, forget the victim’ mentality that’s rife in society today. These men were not young when they carried out these vile practices, for heaven’s sake!

  • Hecuba says:

    Sue Cooke discriminates against men by claiming only ‘old rich white (powerful) men should not be prosecuted and held accountable for their historic sexual predation upon women and girls. Cooke forgot to include poor and males of all ages who must have their male pseudo sex right to sexually prey on women and girls made a sacrosanct right! Oh but I forget this already exists and has existed for centuries!

    Cooke trivialises the numerous ways males sexually prey on women and girls by claiming having her bra snapped is not a crime!! Firstly who was the entity who sexually assaulted Ms. Cooke? Oh yes it was a male – and secondly this was sexual assault not a common mundane incident!

    Would any male like being sexually assaulted by a male who grabs his crotch?? I think not because males have always accorded themselves right of ownership of their bodies in public and private spaces. Males of all ages however, continue to believe womens’ and girls’ bodies are males’ private and public property so therefore male sexual assault of females doesn’t exist unless there is what men’s male supremacist system claims is ‘real sexual assault!’

    Indecent assault is another male created euphemism used by mens’ male supremacist legal system to hide the fact it is male sexual assault which males commonly commit against women and girls not ‘indecent assault.’ Indency isn’t the issue – pandemic male sexual predation by males of all ages; classes; races and ethnicities against women and girls because our sex is female is the real issue.

    But why stop at protecting rich white old men from being prosecuted for sexual predation upon women and girls? Why not protect rich old white men from being prosecuted for historic theft/fraud against other males given these rich old white men are no longer ‘perceived as a threat to other men?? Oh yes I forgot theft of male property and/or defrauding men is a real crime because the victims are male.

    Sue Cooke is parotting mens’ lies which is why she has been accorded malestream coverage. Yet more makestream women-hating propaganda and as usual a female ‘tool’ is being used because the men know if they were to utter these women-hating lies it would not be effective as a female handmaiden’s lies.

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