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“Mr Andrews now realises, in hindsight, that his actions were inappropriate and misguided.”

According to the Hull Daily Mail, former Humberside Police chief superintendent Colin Andrews was recently:

"convicted by a jury of witness intimidation, aggravated stalking, harassment and assault in January following a six-week trial at Manchester Crown Court. He was cleared of further charges of rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and another assault.".

The public apology, made by his lawyer Damian Kelly, included the sentence "Mr Andrews now realises, in hindsight, that his actions were inappropriate and misguided." Witness intimidation, stalking, harassment and assault are not criminal acts but "inappropriate" ones. And, police forces across the UK wonder why women and children don't trust them.

It's because we know that male police officers commit domestic violence at 2-4 times the rate of other groups of men. We know that police officers abuse their positions of power and authority to assault, harass and rape women.

We know that Colin Andrews wasn't an isolated incident.

We know that the "thin, blue line" actually exists and that police officers frequently ignore and cover-up sexual and domestic violence and abuse perpetrated by officers.

We know that reporting to the police won't necessarily result in us being safe.

And, we know that, like Colin Andrews, officers who are convicted will make trivialising and minimising statements likening their serious abuse of power and criminal convictions for stalking, harassment and assault as "inappropriate".

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