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Max Clifford’s friend says he’s innocent

So Max Clifford gets found guilty at Southwark Crown Court and sentenced to 8 years in prison. His friend, Richard Hunt, UKIP member at national level is quoted as saying: “I don’t believe that the justice system is fair. He said to me ‘Why would they put him in prison for something he hasn’t done?’ Hand on heart I don’t believe he did it.

The Surrey Comet defended this article because Hunt is a prestigious local businessman and UKIP member and evidently that carries a lot of weight in Surrey. I challenged the editor and he could see nothing wrong with an article which clearly is biased towards Clifford and his friend but says little about the offences or his victims. Hunt compares the abuse to Benny Hill, he clearly didn't read the papers!

Perhaps next week we will get to read about Stuart Hall's pal defending him or Gary Glitter's neighbour telling us what a brick he is and 'never assaulted me'.

Hopefully, Richard Hunt has been shunned by his UKIP colleagues for his contempt of the victims and the court process in general..... but somehow I bet they are all slapping him on the back and raising a pint!!!

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