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Jim Davidson brags about not committing rape.

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This is the point we have arrived at: a celebrity gets into the newspapers for bragging about not raping a woman even though he totally could have and gotten away with it.

When did our definition of a good man, or a 'gentleman' as Davidson claims, become so low that you get be a good man for not raping women. Why aren't more men standing up and shouting about how angry they are at being represented like animals who can't control themselves? Why aren't more men offended by this?

A woman who is unconscious because of alcohol consumption does not deserve to be raped. Allowing this type of behaviour to pass as evidence of a 'good man' puts more women and children at risk of sexual violence. This not an example of Jim Davidson being a good man.  We shouldn't be celebrating this. We should be very, very worried.

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One thought on “Jim Davidson brags about not committing rape.

  • Hecuba says:

    Just because one man claims ‘I’ve never raped a woman’ doesn’t mean male pseudo sex right to females doesn’t magically disappear. The issue isn’t about individual men such as Jim Davidson who is well known for his male contempt of women. Davidson claims ‘he is a gentleman’ but Davidson conveniently ignores his misogynistic attitude towards women because Davidson believes one instance of him not enacting male pseudo sex right to women/girls makes him ‘a gentleman!’

    Rather the issue is about all men being accorded their male pseudo sex right to female bodies.

    Why isn’t Davidson challenging other males who continue to enact their male pseudo sex right to females instead of Davidson claiming ‘look I don’t rape women because I am a gentleman!’ Davidson makes these claims but we have no way of verifying whether or not such claims are real because we cannot ask the women and girls Davidson interacts with on a daily basis. Therefore Davidson’s claims only serve to obsfucate/fragment the fact that male sexual violence against women and girls continues to be a pandemic not just a ‘case of a few bad male apples!’

    This is how men continue to deny they are accountable for condoning/justifying male pseudo sex right to females because all men are accorded the right of male sexual access to female bodies. This in itself means men know they have right to demand female submission to their demands for sexual access and therefore in these mens’ minds they are not rapists but are merely enacting normal male sex right to women and girls.