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Forget race, forget gods, forget tracksuits, it’s men we know who abuse (CN images of convicted abusers)

Is it because they wear robes?


Is it tracksuits?




(Member of the Sydenham paedophile ring wearing a fleece)

Is it because they wear plain clothes,  quite possibly jeans and a top?


(Rotherham men jailed for child sex offences in 2010)

Is it medals?




(A former prep school teacher jailed for 10 years after admitting more than a dozen sexual offences.)

Shared interests?


Where they work?


Is it this god?


Or this god?


Or no god?

Is it nationality?


Ethnic group?


Or is it the 'imported' patriarchal politics of other countries?


Oh hang on, that's Britain and our politics, the country and culture we live in.

So if it's not

  • choice of outfit
  • occupation
  • religion
  • interests
  • ethnic group
  • the politics of other countries

what is it?

According to specialist charities, sexual abuse is most likely to be carried out by:

  • men
  • men who think they can get away with it
  • men with power in the form of flattery, gifts or threats
  • usually a family friend, neighbour, a member of the child's family or someone working with children
  • men who are like us, not other men
  • men we like
  • men we trust
  • men who aren't all bad
  • men who are sometimes vulnerable themselves
  • clever and manipulative men

You cannot pick out an abuser in a crowd.

Forget race, forget gods and forget tracksuits. It's the men we know, not the men we don't.


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3 thoughts on “Forget race, forget gods, forget tracksuits, it’s men we know who abuse (CN images of convicted abusers)

  • C J Walters says:

    It is indeed the men we know. Unfortunately that usually means nobody else wants to know. With more education, one day everyone will be ‘in the know’ and until then – abusers beware, you will never know when to run, when to hide, you know your days are numbered. Remember the fatal flaw in your crime: we know who you are.

  • […] 1400 girls were sexually abused, raped and trafficked in Rotherham whilst the police, social services, CPS, and schools did nothing. The media has reported this as if it was a one-off event rather than simply an exemplar of what is happening to girls across the UK every day in places like Nottingham, York and Sheffield […]

  • Hecuba says:

    Amazing – not – that the common denominator is not class; race or ethnicity but males who are the ones 99.9% responsible for committing violence against women and girls. Yet men continue to deny this fact and create new myths concerning supposed deviants such as ‘paedophiles/monsters/loners/deviants etc. etc. which neatly hides the sex of these perpetrators.

    Men created their Male Supremacist System in order to justify and maintain male pseudo sex right to females of all ages and despite decades of Radical Feminist analysis the men continue to proclaim ‘gender is responsible for committing violence against women’ not – males!

    Constant usage of malespeak language wherein the male perpetrator is always erased ensures the focus is always on the female victims never the male perpetrators and this is why malestream media always claims ‘woman was raped/woman was attacked’ because naming the sex of the male perpetrator(s) must not be made public. Imagine if each and every headline concerning pandemic male violence against women and girls said this: ‘male raped woman’ or male(s) physically attacked woman/girl. Why the men would be outraged because naming men as the perpetrators must not happen.

    Radical Feminists have for decades publicly named males as the perpetrators and still our voices are ignored by men and their female allies because ‘making men uncomfortable must not happen’ because upsetting (sic) the powerful dominant group challenges male power and men will respond with threats of violence and/or actual male violence against women and girls. So it continues – men in positions of immense political/media power denying male violence against women because according to men it is those ‘priests/celebrities (sex undefined of course)/deviants who are just a few ‘bad apples’ rather than ordinary commonplace males who continue to be accorded their male pseudo sex right to sexually prey on women and girls because males know their Male Supremacist System justifies/condones/excuses pandemic male violence against women and girls.

    We also know that the dominators have to maintain their political power by denying pandemic male violence against women and girls and we also know that whenever males are named as the perpetrators the men immediately claim ‘not my problem guv’ or ‘not all men are like that.’ These are common male denials because not all men need to be ‘like that’ in order to maintain male domination/male oppression of women and girls. We also know that men will swiftly respond when they are held to account by punishing/threatening women with violence because male domination over women and girls has to be maintained.

    So it continues with the men continuing to ‘see no male violence; hear no male violence and speak of no male violence against women and girls.’