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Domestic abuse: Police ‘nearly overwhelmed’ by increase

Where to start on this? The refusal to mention the perpetrators, which makes it sound like victims are creating this problem themselves? The fact that the police are posited as the victims here - feeling "overwhelmed" and finding the workload "excessive"? Or the fact that once again we're supposed to celebrate when reported violence against (disproportionately) women and children goes up by A THIRD, even though even the cheeriest estimate only suggests that's "partly" to do with increased confidence of victims and changes to procedure? In other words, the rest is presumably just down to more people being intimidated, beaten and sexually assaulted by people who are supposed to love them.

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One thought on “Domestic abuse: Police ‘nearly overwhelmed’ by increase

  • Disaffected Citizen says:

    As a male victim of domestic abuse, I have sadly experienced first hand the perverse phenomenon of victim blaming. I was told by Essex Police that I “should have picked a better person” and to “man up”.

    At the same time the police protected an abuser allowing belongings and possessions to be sold and destroyed.