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Dapper Laughs & the demand to be “educated” about rape culture

'Comedian' Dapper has decided his perpetration of rape culture is the fault of the people holding him accountable.

This is what we at EVB like to call male entitlement: the belief that others are responsible for your actions and that they should have 'educated' you better. If only women, and we need to be clear here that Dapper means women, had taken the time to write mini-essays for Dapper to read. And they'd have to be mini-essays because expecting Dapper to read actual research would be labeled unkind.

Ignoring the fact that people actually tweeted Dapper links to Rape Crisis and media articles on rape culture, Dapper's belief that he was entitled to the time and research skills of women without compensation is the essence of male entitlement. In Dapper's view, he did nothing wrong and, if he did, it was the fault of those who didn't explain why rape is a criminal act to him, and those who didn't explain to him why rape jokes aren't funny. You known, if you ignore the petition, articles and numerous social media posts which actually did explain why Dapper's 'jokes' were harmful.

Heck, Dapper could have taken the brave, new step of actually GOOGLING why rape jokes aren't funny. But, that would be too much like actual work. It's much easier to whinge to the press about women not giving up their time to educate him and massage his ego. And, the press are colluding with Dapper by giving him this platform to whinge upon.

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