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Complaint to the Metro about their reporting of the Rurik Jutting murders

I today sent the below complaint to the Metro, because I am sick of this type of irresponsible, misogynistic and lazy reporting.

"I was absolutely appalled to read how the Metro had chosen to report on the double murder of two women in Hong Kong in this morning's London edition. On both the front page and in the main article, the paper chose to frame Rurik Jutting's actions as the result of an ex-partner having cheated on him 4 years ago. Jutting and Jutting alone is responsible for choosing to brutally kill two women. It is completely irresponsible to suggest that his ex-partner bares any liability for Jutting's actions. The reality is that two women a week are killed by an current or ex-partner in the UK alone, and worldwide male violence is the leading cause of death for women. While newspapers such as the Metro refuse to address this issue and instead resort to lazy and harmful reporting that reinforces a cultural blaming of women for the violence of men, these types of killings are going to continue with the frequency they do.

Your reporting, framing and language have consequences, it is time your paper starts being more mindful of this".

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