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Boys’ Brigade Leader jailed After ‘Sex chat’

On 15th July, 2014 The Scotsman published this headline 'Boys' Brigade Leader Jailed after Sex Chat.'

Article claims this individual (sex not stated since he is male) was convicted because he had engaged in 'a sex chat!' First sentence of article reported ''Boys' Brigade leader was arrested in front of his troops after online sex conversations with a primary school girl were found on his computer!' In reality sexual predator Stuart Milne, a Boys Brigade Leader was arrested by police because they had evidence he had been sexually preying on an 11 year girl for over ten months via the internet. Milne had not been engaging in 'sex chats!'

Milne was convicted of sexually preying on an 11 year old girl via the internet and inciting her to commit sexual acts for his sexual gratification.

But male journalist's article was focused on hiding male sexual predator Milne's accountability and indirectly blaming the girl now aged 12. Male journalist stated girl had 'electronic devices in her bedroom which she used to access the internet and she had been taking part in online sex chats since the age of 11. Had sent pictures of herself naked and carrying out sex acts.' Bingo – female child is accountable not convicted male sexual predator Stuart Milne!

This female child did not suddenly decide to enter 'online sex chats' rather she had been targeted by Milne who proceeded to gain her trust and manipulated her into enacting certain sexual acts for his sexual gratification. Female children do not 'magically decide they will enter online sex chat rooms and send sexualised images of themselves to males for their sexual gratification.' Rather adult males target female children and gain their trust in order to coerce/incite the female child into enacting sexualised acts for male sexual gratification.

Many female and male children have 'electronic devices in their bedrooms which enable them to access the internet' but this does not mean the female/male child is accountable for males sexually preying on them via the internet. But male journalist infers 'electronic devices' is evidence female child is accountable rather than male sexual predator Stuart Milne. Note male journalist merely states female child sent sexualised images of herself via the internet but to whom he does not say.

Well done Scotsman for minimalising/hiding male accountability and repeating that old, old misogynistic lie female children are supposedly innately 'sexual voracious!'


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