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Blaming women for child sexual abuse perpetrated by a man


"When Moore was questioned, he reportedly told authorities that he did touch the child beneath her underwear, but he claims it was accidental. According to court documents released this week, Moore said that 'when he slipped on a toy as he was tickling … [the fall] caused his hand to slide into her panties and penetrate.'"

So many things about this upset me. First and foremost, of course, is that a child was violated. What is striking to me, however, is the responsibility that is being placed on (or being assumed by) wimmin. We have the female neighbours who talk about fearing for their children. We have the mothers who will not return their children to the daycare. We have the grandmother of the daycare worker, who feels she must apologize to the victim, to the victim's family, and to the community. So, this guy has straight up confessed that he "accidentally" raped this little girl, but the media focus here seems to be on wimmin's ability to protect their children and wimmin's responsibility to not create rapists (and to make amends if they "fail"). Why not a focus on how child predators only get a criminal record if they are CAUGHT? Why not a focus on why a guy would have his hand in a 5 year old's panties? Why not a focus on how men can learn to not sexually assault their fellow humans?

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7 thoughts on “Blaming women for child sexual abuse perpetrated by a man

  • Sue Rose says:

    Considering the absolute seriousness of this story, why is a joke made out of the word women = WWimmin”? This actually is unforgivable as it makes light of the whole article and issue of child abuse!

    Why would the writer do this?

    • Admin says:

      The word ‘wimmin’ isn’t a joke. Its quite a common spelling of women within certain feminist circles as a way of reclaiming the definition of woman from ‘not a man’.

      • Anon says:

        Yes, that is absolutely true. At University there was a very active “Wimmin” group that sought to eradicate the word “man” from the English language. It would be more productive to simply enquire as to why the word is being used than automatically talk about ‘unforgivable ‘

        • Admin says:

          It wasn’t to eradicate man but to end the category of ‘man’ to refer to all humans.

  • Hecuba says:

    Male sexual predator could not possibly have ‘accidentally sexually penetrated a female child by slipping on a toy as he was tickling the female child and his finger all by itself magically forcing itself into the female child’s vagina!’

    Male perpetrators commonly claim ‘my fist somehow came in contact with female partner and she sustained an injury as a result’ or ‘I fell against my female partner and she came in contact with edge of chair and sustained a black eye!’ Males always claim ‘I am not responsible because an inanimate object is the perpetrator.’

    Male sexual predator’s fingers/hands were clearly situated very close to female child’s underwear and he enacted his choice and agency to commit sexual violence against this female child.

    But as usual male’s excuses/denials were accepted by mens’ Male Supremacist legal system and accountability was as usual twisted around by mens’ malestream media to blame women for not preventing yet another male from committing male sexual violence against a female.

  • lynda says:

    Constantly in our media it is very negative and victim blaming on the child sexual abuse and rape of children and adults in the communities around us. The sensationalizing and the negative ugly use of victim blaming in the headlines of newspapers is despairing in the least. As society often reads newspapers this type of crime often gets negative press instead getting the most rounded view point of what constitutes as negative reporting of this type of deplorable crime to women and children, men. This can also does not help society has a whole to understand the mechanism of child abuse and rape is all about coercive power and control over another human being. While we as society should think about how the media needs to change their negative headlines and report in a none judgmental way about the rape and sexual abuse of children and adults in the world we live in and be more responsibility and stop victim blaming of this type of crime. As media bosses need to take a more responsible view point of the victims of crime and report in a accurate way and not in the negative way of blaming victims all of the time.

  • Angie says:

    Tickling is a grooming tool used by male sexual predators. So even if he hadn’t accidentally raped a child, he would still be a criminal for the sole fact that he forced himself onto a child through ‘innocent’ physical torture.