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AR Wear…. Really?

So there I was about to go out, when I thought I'd Pop into twitter first. I'm glad I did because it was there I found out about AR Wear & their innovative new (well new since the chastity belt went out of fashion) defence against rape....Clothing! who'd a thunk it? but before you snort in derision, this is not just clothing No, this is hard to remove clothing designed especially for women & girls "if things go wrong" (now I've heard rape/attempted rape called many things, but that's a new one on me!)
As well as my blood pressure this (sadly not a parody) raised a number of questions for me....
Where are the pyjama versions-not all "things going wrong" are perpetuated by strangers, in fact more often than not it's somebody known/a partner,someone we share a bed with so we really need armoured nightwear...right?
How small do these things go? children are often victims,how reassuring to parents to be able to send the nipper out to play knowing they're protected 'cos they're wearing an armoured romper suit...
I could go on....but I think I've said enough...
see AR Wear you may have good intentions, it may be that you're just woefully uninformed & heartbreakingly naive..
But You're missing the point/s
It's not about what we wear,It's not about What we look like
or where we're walking, what time of night it is,
whether we're alone or have been drinking
or any of the myriad excuses offenders
(and victim blamers) level at us.
it's about power and control & the fact that
one person (the rapist) has decided to attack
another person.
The responsibility is not ours it is theirs
and until society changes the focus from
"Don't get raped" to "Don't rape"
AR Wear et al are simply perpetuating the myth
that the poor men are powerless to control their urges
when confronted with our unarmoured selves..
It's BS and I think we all know it.
However just in case I guess I'd better stay in today
not sure my plain white M&S granny knickers are safe enough.

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