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Another Day: Another Man Murders a Woman

“A jilted … man allegedly fatally stabbed his ex-wife with a kitchen knife after seeing her in the company of her new lover over the weekend.”

This is the opening statement of an article about a man who murdered his ex-wife. As ever, the defence for male violence occurs within the first sentence; this time it was the second word. “Jilted”. Linda Akim is dead because she “jilted” her husband. Not because her ex-husband was violent. Not because Kudakwashe Mushandira chose to stab Akim to death. It is Akim’s fault for ending her relationship.

Mushandira did hand himself into the police. The excuse he gave the police was that Akim was a prostitute: obviously, prostitutes deserve to be murdered.

This could be a story from any newspaper across the world. The language of blame is universal. Men have the right to murder women. Male violence is acceptable if a woman makes a decision the man disagrees with. The media will make excuses for men; no matter what.

This article appears here. [http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-32833.html]

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