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A punch in the throat.

As has been widely reported, Tory MP Michael Fabricant decided in his wisdom to publish a tweet where he declared that if he ever appeared on TV with Journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown he might want to “punch her in the throat.” As a survivor of domestic violence, and a woman who has been punched in the throat by her ex-husband, I was deeply upset that this elected representative of the people felt that it was an acceptable thing to tweet. I know how it feels to have someone strike your throat. You literally hit the floor.Violence against women is something that is all too common. Joking about committing violence against women is something that should not be accepted. However our Prime Minister has not condemned Mr Fabricant, he feels that an apology is enough to sweep this under the carpet. While Mr Fabricant quipped that “This is the first time I’ve ever been doorstepped! I feel like a star!”Mr Fabricant and the lenient actions of the Conservative Party have given all men of Britain permission to be violent against women. No action has perceived to been taken for the frankly disgraceful comment from the MP. Men can assume that the same action awaits them.

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One thought on “A punch in the throat.

  • Hecuba says:

    David Cameron once again proves he is a male supremacist who endorses/justifies and excuses mens’ sex right to publicly threaten women/girls with violence.

    Cameron conveniently forgets he is Prime Minister and leader of our elected government. Cameron by minimalising/justifying/ignoring yet another powerful male politician’s hatred/contempt for women is sending a message to all men – ‘hey men and boys it is okay for you to threaten women/girls with violence because I as leader of the Government endorse your actions.

    David Cameron clearly believes that women aren’t human so therefore ‘no human was harmed’ by yet another powerful women-hating male.