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A ‘light-hearted look at who killed Lucy Beale’

BBC article: EastEnders: Lucy Beale's killer - the likely suspects

Having read the Counting Dead women project  I have come to understand that behind the statistics on the murders of women are the murdered women themselves. The women living their lives, striving for survival and happiness having their lives stolen by violent men.

Karen Ingala Smith has done such important work in bringing the names and when possible the faces of these women to our attention. She has made sure they are not forgotten and disregarded as just numbers

The use of these statistics to take a light hearted look at murder in the context of a soap opera whodunit is the exact opposite of this respectful remembering. It distressed me to see the BBC publish such a heartless article today.

I have nothing to say to Danny Shaw except to please look at the women who made up the 2013/14 statistics. They are here.

For supporters reading this upset at again irresponsible reporting of violence against women and girls please sign and share the following petition.


This short video from Women's Aid and Karen Ingala Smith's Femicide Census is an excellent counterpoint to the dreadful BBC article:


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