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“1 year old pet servived being shot in the mouth

I saw an article today that I clicked on because I thought another example of Male Violence a man shooting a dog in the face. But when I read the article I was stunned.

The headline "Dog survives being shot at point blank range"

It said their was an "argument" between a woman had her ex boyfriend. It reported "he became annoyed at all the food she had at her house and jealous about another male friend of hers" clearly attempting to mitigate the violent males behavior and coming close to blaming her.

Then it goes on 'the man "repeatedly punched" (in quotations of course) the woman in the head and face, grabbed her by the hair held a gun to her face and said "give me two reasons not too shot" (Now comes more excusing of his behavior) he kept saying "You don't love me like I love you, you think I'm stupid and disrespectful" Then it goes back to describing the assault. "After hitting me and making me bleed he said he was going to take my dog, the dog went running too his owner the woman and that's when he shot the dog in the head " There was blood everywhere the dog was choking trying to cough up the bullet.

The man the left the house and they were able to get help. The story spends seven paragraphs talking about the dogs injuries it spent one paragraph talking about the woman's with an excuse half way through. There was no justification for why he shot the dog ( other than the fact he beat up and threatened to kill a woman of course.)

The article can be seen on ABC News website.

The point I make is the crime against the woman is hardly even figures in the story but the fact a woman is almost killed by a man (150 women were killed by men) in 2014 last year in the UK. This is a big issue we face as women we are most at risk from men we know and every time a crime is committed against us there's always a reason given (argument, fight, estranged, divorced) whatever it might be there's always a reason given why a woman was killed or beaten up. In this case thankfully both woman and pet survived but only by luck it could easily have been two women and a pet dead in that situation.

Victim Blaming is what keeps us in danger without holding the men responsible. This story is an example of what we're trying to end.

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