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Training Evaluations – Nottingham

We hosted an open access training day in Nottingham on May 14th - we combined Sexual Violence Services, Youth Offending Teams, NHS staff and women who were looking to expand their skills in the Violence Against Women sector and had 15 attendees in total.

We asked our participants to be really honest when completing their evaluations - which is why we asked for them to be completed anonymously.

All of our particiapants stated that they enjoyed the training. All participants scaled their enjoyment at least 8 out of 10, with the majority stating that their enjoyment of the day had been 9 or 10 out of 10.

We asked participants to self-asses their knowledge prior to the training, and then score themselves afterwards. This helps us to see how much 'value' we are adding to the work of the practitioners who attend our training. As you can see from the results below, some women were already very experienced in this area, and this is reflected in the little improvement in their 'knowledge after' scores. However, we were delighted with the improvement for those women who scored themselves on the lower end of the scale - as you can see, these women noted a significant improvement in knowledge, which we hope will show in their professional practice.

Knowledge                              Knowledge
Before Training                      After Training

3/10                       →            7/10

6/10                       →            8/10

6/10                       →            9/10

7/10                       →            9/10

8:10                       →            8/10

8:10                       →            9/10

9:10                       →            9/10

9:10                       →          10/10

[Some participant scores were duplicated]

13 of of our 15 participants thought the material was 'just right', with 2 experienced practitioners who work in Sexual Violence services stating that the material was 'too easy'. We will reflect on the balance between those who attend our training in order to ensure we can differentiate the information across all knowledge levels. No-one stated that our training material was too difficult to grasp.

We asked participants to grade our knowledge of the subject material - all of them scored us with the maximum 'Very Good'.

Our scores on whether we met the learning outcomes need to be reflected on - it's not that 'all more than 8/10' isn't good, because it clearly is! However we would have preferred all of these to be at least 9 or 10 out of 10 and so that will be our aim in the future. We are hoping that the completion of the Members' Area of the website will support us in our aim.

We asked the participants how well we met the 'Learning Outcomes' discussed at the start of the day:

Two participants:   8/10
Nine participants:  9/10
Four participants: 10/10

We then asked our participants to state which sessions had been their most, or least favourite, and to add any general comments about the day.  We have opted to publish all of the comments, so you can be assured that we're not being selective with our data!

Really enjoyed the day, gave me ideas to try in professional practice;

Incredibly valuable - but also frustrating when we think about how much we have to challenge this stuff;

The 'challenging values' session was awful - I do this all the time in my professional work, so it felt awful to hold a 'value' that I consider abhorrent;

Loved being able to have time for free discussion;

Examining cases from the media was really useful;

Found the challenging values really difficult;

This supported my good theoretical knowledge & allowed me to look at the practicalities of working in services;

Great to be in a women-only environment;

An interesting & useful day;

Enjoyed working with practitioners from different agencies.

Overall, we are delighted with the feedback and delighted with how the day went. We had a great and engaging group of women who kept one another safe, whilst being challenged, and challenging others.

We are looking forward to our next session in London! We still have a few places left and you can book via this link.


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