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challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

The reality of male violence against women and girls. (Or, why the legal system is not fit for purpose)

5 cases from 5 jurisdictions demonstrating how unfit for purpose most legal jurisdictions are in dealing with male violence against women and girls.

Mustafa Bashir  received a suspended sentence for domestic violence that included physical assaults with a cricket bat and forcing his wife to drink bleach because his wife was deemed 'not vulnerable' by the judge because she has a degree and friends. (UK)

Footballer Bruno Fernandes de Souza was released from prison after serving 7 years of a 22 year sentence for participating in the 6 days of torture and murder of the mother of his son: Eliza Samudio . In front of her son. Her crime? Asking for child support. Samudio's body was fed to dogs and the bones buried in cement. Fernandes has now been signed by Boa Esparto. Because torturing and murdering a 25 year old woman is not as important as winning a football game. (Brazil)

Unnamed male was charged with attempted murder and multiple assaults after hitting his ex-wife 23 with a hatchet. He is unnamed because he successful appealed to the courts to protect his children's 'privacy'. Apparently, hitting their mother with a hatchet 23 times in public and getting the hatchet stuck in her skull is less problematic than the neighbours learning that he is a violent perpetrator with a history of domestic violence. Her 'crime': ending the marriage because of his violence. (Australia)

Unnamed man acquitted of rape as the victim 'didn't scream'. Because only 'real' rape victims scream. (Italy)

Diego Cruz was found not guilty of rape because 'he did not enjoy the experience'. The victim was abducted and raped by five young men. Cruz, who penetrated the victim with his fingers apparently acted 'without carnal intent'. The judge also found the victim partially responsible because she wasn't 'helpless'. Because being kidnapped, held prisoner, and raped by multiple perpetrators makes a woman responsible. It was just to 'humiliate' the victim - so not rape and sexual assault. Obviously, Cruz's status a privileged and wealthy had no bearing whatsoever on being found not guilty. (Mexico)






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