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The Mitigation of Men’s Violence *Updated*


Zahid Akram was a teacher who admitted blackmailing girls into sending him sexually explicit photographs. He claimed to be suffering from depression and being in a considerable amount of debt.

Currently adjourned for pre-sentence reports.

Douglas Bailey beat his wife to death after a 'row' over the heating. The police officer commenting on the case stated: "Our investigation has uncovered a history of domestic abuse between the couple....unfortunately for Hazel the contact that would have resulted in the help and support available to anyone suffering domestic abuse was never made".

Sentenced to 5 years for manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Bob Bellews (Daily Mail link) was charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse

"Gymnastics coach who sexually abused seven girls as young as six walks free from court as judge accepts his 'remorse' despite attempts to blame victims"
"Bob Bellew admitted a string of sexual abuse charges spanning 40 years"
"Was handed 15-month prison sentence suspended for two years"
"Judge said offences were 'not specimens of a course of conduct'"
"She said 'punishment has in effect already begun'"
"Bellew had 'passed the blame onto his victims' in a probation report"

Sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for 2 years and banned from working with children.

Michael & Hilary Brewer - their victim Frances Anadrade, took her own life during the trial. They were found guilty, but the victim was called a liar and a "fantasist" by defence counsel. Frances stated that Brewer told her that she'd "bewitched" him.

Sentenced to 6 years and 21 months in prison, respectively.

Sean Clode was found guilty of preparing a child for sexual abuse (grooming) and sexual activity with a child. He claimed to have been "helping" her and he "pitied" her. He denied the charges.

Sentenced to 6 years, subjected to a sex offences prevention order and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

Kieran Clough admitted preparing a child for sexual activity (grooming), possessing indecent photographs of children and having offensive weapons. He promised to buy his victim presents in return for sex.

Sentenced to a 3 year community order and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

Robert Finlay was a senior officer within children's services who was found guilty of 17 charges of making indecent images of children. He was found in possession of over 600 images, almost 100 of these were level 4 or 5, the most serious. He was given a suspended sentence. His mitigation included: the images were all downloaded in bundles and deleted after he'd viewed them; he was going through "turmoil" after the death of his father; the breakdown of his marriage.

Sentenced to 8 months in prison, suspended for 2 years. Ordered to sign the sex offenders register for 10 years. Made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order, preventing him from accessing any device that can access the internet, unless the device stores the history and is made available to police on request.

Richard Iveson kicked his ex partner in the head when she was already unconscious from a previous blow from him. There had been an "element of provocation" and the injuries were "not serious". The relationship was "destructive" for "both of them".

Sentenced to 15 months for wounding and made the subject of a restraining order.

Raymond Jones "lost it" and attacked his partner with a child's car seat, alongside punching her and grabbing the arm of the toddler. He had a previous conviction for headbutting a previous partner. It was considered favourable by the judge that the victim did not sustain any broken bones.

Sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

Gary Khan (Daily Mail link) was spared jail due to the impact it may have had on his family. Included within his charges, in addition to those of child sexual abuse, were possession of extreme pornography & indecent images of children. The judge decided not to pursue these offences, but apparently 'took them into account'. The defendant continues to protest his innocence, and describes himself as 'being hammered' for 'brushing spiders off the girls'.

Sentenced to 18 months, suspended for 2 years, 200 hours of unpaid work and a 5 year sex offences prevention order.

David Martin pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding after two trials were unable to reach a verdict of wounding with intent. He was said he "thought the knife would get her attention" because she "just wasn't listening".

Sentenced to 20 months in prison (he had served 17 months on remand and so was released immediately after the trial conclusion).

Jerome McDonald was convicted of manslaughter after killing his ex partner. He claimed that he pushed her in the neck, and she fell and hit her head. He then put her body into a bin liner, wrapped it in a sheet and hid it in the boot of his car. The defence claimed 'both the defendant & Miss Duncan Bailey behaved in an uncharacteristic manner on the night of her death'.

Sentenced to 8 years for manslaughter.

Jordan Powell (Daily Mail link) was a police officer who was convicted of misconduct in a public office, including 'having sex with victims of crime whilst on duty'. His defence explained that he has a 'large sexual appetite' and his wife is 'standing by him'.

Sentenced to 15 months for misconduct in a public office. 3 similar charges & an allegation of sexual assault ordered to lie on file.

Joseph Richardson (Daily Mail link) killed his wife because she was leaving him for another man.

Sentenced to life, must serve a minimum of 13 years.

Arfon Roberts-Griffiths jailed for inciting two girls aged 13 & 14 to indulge in sexual activity. He posed as a 17 year old and asked a 13 year old about her underwear, and that he wanted her to undress for him.  Described as 'sad' and 'pathetic'.

Sentenced to 2.5 years, subject to a sexual offences prevention order and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Mark Smyth/Mark Radway (he changed his name in between his arrest & first court appearance) was convicted of taking photographs of near-naked children, making videos of these images & sharing them with other sex offenders. It seems that the judge didn't conclude that the images were sexual, and noted Smyth/Radway's status as a "family man". The judge stated that he expected the defendant to be "fully ashamed", although no mention of the defendant expressing this apparent shame is included in the reporting. It does, however, state that he is likely to lose up to £1million in pension payments from the British Army.

Sentenced to a 3 year community order, ordered to undertake a sex offenders programme, banned from being alone with a child and banned from surfing the internet and deleting web history, both for ten years, placed on the sex offenders register for 5 years.

Richard Swain strangled his girlfriend, punched her repeatedly and fractured her collar bone. He claimed that she had sustained the injuries by falling over, pleading not guilty. He was found guilty, and the defence claimed that their relationship was "volatile" and he had "not been violent to any previous partners".

Sentenced to a 12 month community order, must undertake a domestic violence programme and pay £2500 compensation to his ex girlfriend.

If you find a news article that is worthy of inclusion under the title of The Mitigation of Men's Violence, let us know. We expect to be updating it regularly.

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5 thoughts on “The Mitigation of Men’s Violence *Updated*

  • Gameoldgirl says:

    Why not call this post ‘the mitigation of violence’?
    Pushing the blame on to the victim is wrong in any circumstances. Most of the offenders will likely be male, but to put ‘men’ in the title comes across as misandrist sexism, which is just as bad as misogynist sexism.

    • Admin says:


      The reason it’s called ‘men’s violence’ is because it is appropriate to name the perpetrators if we are to solve the problem.

      This, from the White Ribbon campaign, explains it in much more detail.

      (You may need to copy & paste the link into your browser as I’m commenting on my phone and the links don’t show.

      The concept of ‘misandry’ is the same as ‘reverse racism’ – that is, it doesn’t exist. Women can make sexist remarks about men, but these are not misandry. For misandry to exist as a real thing, we’d have to be living outside of Patriarchy as it is the structural oppression that holds up misogyny.

      We’re not quite there yet 😉

  • Hecuba says:

    This link also explains why naming men as the perpetrators of male violence against women and girls is essential. Male on female violence happens because the female victims’ sex is female. Male on male violence commonly happens because the male perpetrator wants something the male victim has such as money or possessions. The sex of male victim is irrelevant because males do not routinely target other males because their sex is male.

    However male violence against women and girls happens because it is the most effective method of maintaining male domination over all women and girls.

    I do not see women routinely committing violence against men but the isolated cases wherein women do commit lethal violence against men this is immediately sensationalised by malestream media because such women are supposedly ‘innately deviant and not enacting their supposedly passive and subordinate female sex role.’

    There is no symmetry between male on female violence and female on male violence but men and their male supremacist system constantly claim this lie as fact.