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The Good Men Project

Recently, we were asked to share an article on domestic violence hosted by the Good Men Project. The article itself contained misrepresentations of the gendered nature of domestic violence and, as such, we would not have shared the article. However, we do have a policy of not sharing any articles published by Good Men Project due to poor editorial decisions which included publishing an article by a self-confessed rapist who refused to take responsibility for his actions. We have not made a public declaration of this policy until recently as we did not feel it necessary.

Our recent experience with the author of the current article on domestic violence has made it necessary for us to make this policy clear.  The author would not accept a no to his demand that we share his article. We explained both our policy and our reservations about the article, but the writer in question continued to demand that we share it. It is this failure to understand women's boundaries and a continuing policy of publishing deeply misogynistic articles which forced us to take this stance.

We will not publish or share articles published by the Good Men Project.

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One thought on “The Good Men Project

  • herbsandhags says:

    What a surprise to find that someone from the Good Men Project doesn’t recognise women’s boundaries as being valid.

    If they’re supposed to be the Good ones, the human race is in trouble.