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Strangulation is not a “tiff”

Premier League star Danny Simpson facing jail for throttling ex-girlfriend after drunken tiff*

Danny Simpson has been convicted of the common assault of Stephanie Ward with whom he has a child. Ward, who did not participate in the trial, had called the police on December 29th. According to the police, Ward was shouting "get off me" when they arrived and they viewed Simpson "straddling" Ward with his hands around her throat. The police pulled Simpson off Ward to stop the assault.

You wouldn't realise that a crime had been committed by the media coverage of the trial. The Mirror dismissed the assault as a 'tiff' and a 'drunken row', despite the fact that attempted strangulation is one of the clearest indicators of a high risk perpetrator who may kill.

Instead, The Mirror, in two separate articles, felt it necessary to mention that Simpson used to play for Manchester United and that he used to date pop star Tulisa Contostavlos. Because being able to kick a football and date musicians mitigates his choice to assault Ward.

They further mitigated Simpson's responsibility by insisting that he was too drunk to behave non-violently and that Ward caused the attack by 'harassing' him. Thankfully, the judge recognised the entitlement that Simpson displayed and acknowledged that the abusive language used by Simpson was a clear indicator of controlling behaviour. The Mirror journalists who covered the trial could do with rereading the judge's summation before excusing Simpson's violence and then signing up to some specialist training on domestic violence so they can learn that the only person responsible is the perpetrator.

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2 thoughts on “Strangulation is not a “tiff”

  • Hecuba says:

    Typical malestream media fragmentation/denial of the facts concerning yet another male enacting his male pseudo sex right to subject a woman to male violence.

    If as mens’ malestream media claims male perpetrator was ‘too drunk to behave violently towards Ms. Ward’ then obviously violent male Danny Simpson’s hands could not possibly have magically been placed around Ms. Ward’s throat. Odd is it not that when police arrived they saw for themselves Simpson’s hands around Ms. Ward’s throat. So therefore Ms. Ward had placed Simpson’s hands around her throat just before police arrived so that she could claim Simpson was trying to murder her. Yes and pigs can fly if malestream media says so!

    It is waste of time asking women-hating Mirror journalists to engage in training sessions – rather these fake journalists should be sacked because they clearly have a male supremacist political agenda and are not ‘objective neutral journalists who report the facts.’ Also male owned Daily Mirror is not a newspaper – it is a propaganda tool of mens’ Male Supremacist System.

  • lynda anne sherlock says:

    Here is a poem about my feelings about rape and the pain and suffering i went through. It also about how invisible i felt going through child abuse, domestic violence and for along time not being believed and how alone i felt and still feel because of the aftermath of my experience and my difficulties trusting other human beings especially professional people. I would like
    other’s to know and understand the pain women men and children go through and the problems we face trying to heal from our past and move forward to a better brighter future and for one to become a whole being.

    I never learn I never keep, my mouth shut I’m just here to be abused and used and to be showed what not to do again.
    Keep your mouth shut, keep your mouth shut,
    They’re not here to help you but just to learn so they don’t do it again to someone else,
    Do you ever see me, do you ever see my pain, my despair, my sadness, my despair,
    You like playing games all of you, but do you ever see me, no I don’t think so.
    Can’t you see, can’t you see me at all. I walk down the hall way, I knock at your door.
    I am a person just like you, not a label that you keep putting on me,
    But you don’t see me, can’t you see the pain and the despair and how they’ve treated me.
    Just because their colleagues, you see the devastation, the pain and the despair they have caused. Can’t you see me, can’t you see me at all.
    Not all you want to know what my pain is, my despair but you all look the other way or can’t be bothered to ask me myself. But can’t you see me at all, can’t you see, why don’t you just ask me right out instead of getting other’s do it.
    What are you afraid of that I’ll show my despair, my pain, my sadness, and my tears? But I am here please see me, believe me don’t turn your face away. Ask me! Listen to me, instead of getting others to do your will.
    What are you afraid? Is it because you see a label not me or it is my anger, my frustration, my despair. Or am I not worthy to be asked, to be listen to, isn’t what I’ve suffered from my abuse. The lies, the suffering, the hidden documents, we’ll brush it under the table let’s forget how we treated her.
    She’s just a label a nobody an insignificant human being.
    We toss her aside another rape statistic another less significant person we‘ll listen and ask her questions when were ready. Not when she is ready to open up, discuss her pain and her despair.
    Can’t you see, can’t you see? I’m me not a label, not my pain, not my despair. I am not another statistic another insignificant person. I am a mother, a women, a student, a human being. I’m not a rape statistic, a label. I’m not something you can disregard, put away in the cupboard and hide away. I am everywhere your mother, grandmother, your father, your brother, your sister, your uncle, your aunt, your teacher, your work, colleague, your neighbour, your friend. We are your equals all of the survivors and me.
    So please see me? See my pain, my despair. I am not to be disregarded. For you to look away because you cannot bear my pain, my suffering, my hurt.
    I will shout from the roof tops. I will shout in the air. I will stand and fight my pain and my despair not for you but for me because I will not be disregarded or put away. My rape is not just a statistic because it happened to me it’s real and please believe me the pain hasn’t gone away. It’s because you can’t deal and understand my pain, my despair, my suffering.
    It’s easy for you to turn your back to me because you can’t deal with my despair but you caused it you turned your backs to me in my pain and turned the other cheek and left me to deal with the hate, the rape because you never cared. Because all I am is a label, and nobody, another insignificant person but I am like you a person not a label a discrimination because you didn’t understand or care. I’m too difficult in your eyes because I’m too honest brutally honest. You don’t think I’m your equal but I disagree I am your equal not above you, not below you I am and will always be your equal like you I am unique and different like you. I am human and I don’t deserve to be treated like this on your terms always on your terms you only want me to talk on your terms not mine. See I am here please see me! I am here and then I feel I am no more because I’m a label insignificant another rape statistic. But I am me I am me, please please see me not my pain not my despair, see me the real me