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Man sentenced to jail on weekends for violent sexual assault

Mitchell Leeander Goodwin has been convicted of sexual assault* in Nova Scotia, Canada. The assault took place all night and Goodwin told the victim "you look like someone who just got raped".

Despite the fact that Goodwin committed rape and then taunted his victim, the prosecutor and the defence recommended that Goodwin serve only 90 days on weekends because he pled guilty. After his 90 days, Goodwin will spend three years on probation, be placed on the sexual offenders registry for 20 years, and be banned from possessing weapons.


90 days served on weekends for committing rape.

A sentence that will barely impact on his life.

And this is meant to be justice.



* Canada does not have a specific law on rape. Instead, rape is classed as the most serious from of sexual assault.

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