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Justin Bieber and the small issue of stalking and harassment

Justin Bieber recently made the decision to repost the selfie of a young woman with the caption “Omg who is this!!”. Needless to say, his 50 million followers found her.

Think Progress has written a very good article on this incident that we highly recommend:


The girl is a private citizen. But thanks to Bieber, she’s a sudden celebrity. The Daily Mail has all but printed her home address, detailing the student’s full name and age (she is under 18), the neighborhood in which she lives and the rates she charges as a babysitter, even a past brush with law enforcement. ...

The message here is clear: Any girl would be fortunate — #blessed — to get this kind of attention from a guy like Bieber. That message is wrong, and dangerous. What Bieber is doing is not romantic. What Bieber is doing is harassment that borders on stalking. ...

Calling attention to this girl in such a public way, Bieber forces her to acknowledge him. He denies her agency and privacy. He traps her on a stage of his creation.

They have tagged the article online harassment and stalking.

Their coverage is remarkably different to much of the mainstream media who are convinced that any woman or girl would feel flattered to have her whole life splashed in the media without her consent.

This incident is neither romantic nor cute and we are sick to death of an irresponsible media that puts women at risk solely for clickbait. This type of shit needs to stop. Because women are human too.


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