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“It is hoped the relationship will get back on track.”

Craig Ward was given a non-contact order after he admitted assaulting his girlfriend Helen Dunham. He then applied to have his bail conditions relaxed so he could go on holiday with Dunham. The magistrate, despite police specialists on domestic violence raising concerns, said yes.

It is difficult to tell from the article whether John Davis, the magistrate, or Mark Angus, from the Crown Prosecution Service, made the  statement:

“It is hoped the relationship will get back on track.”

Ward physically assaulted Dunham over a sustained period of time and was assisted by the court in blaming alcohol for his actions who wish the "relationship will get back on track". He wasn't required to attend alcohol dependency classes or a perpetrator class. Ignoring the fact that these classes do not work unless they start from a theoretical feminist perspective, it is still a sad indictment that Ward will get no real punishment or requirement to change for committing assault. Instead he gets to go on holiday with the court's blessing and not-so-subtle suggestion that Dunham be required to continue the relationship.

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