Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


Take action to reduce suicide that is attributed to the trauma of domestic and sexual violence.

We fully support the following petition and ask that all our followers sign and share it: In the latest Crime Survey (England & Wales) 7.1% of women reported experiencing domestic abuse in the last year. An estimated equivalent of 1.2 million. 52% of female victims reported that they had sustained non-physical effects as a result of […]

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A Petition to demand a fit-for-purpose record of fatal male violence against women

At Ending Victimisation and Blame, we fully support this petition started by Karen Ingala Smith demanding that the government create a fit-for purpose record of fatal male violence so we can stop reading media articles which suggest that the murder of women are “isolated events” which happen to a woman every two days in the […]

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Sharing a (tiny?) moral victory!

I wish to share a tiny moral victory with you that has been inspired by you. I saw the biscuits shown in this image, and as you can see, it has the word ‘slut’ where a heart usually appears (on respectful Jammy Dodgers by, for example, made by Burton’s Biscuits). I tweeted the company involved, […]

Data Protection & Confidentiality

Due to the activity on twitter recently, this post is a clarification on our Data Protection & Confidentiality policies. Updated June 24, 2013. Data Protection We are exempt from registering with the Information Commissioners Office and the details of this can be found here.  We will continue to check with the ICO and update our […]

Our Policy on Anonymity

We’ve been asked to add something to the website to clarify our position on anonymity.  Many thanks to @incurablehippie for prompting us to move this up the to-do list! Many of us working on this campaign are survivors of some form of domestic or sexual abuse, which we are still managing the after effects of. […]

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