Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

Personal Experiences

Tired of Being Blamed

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. He had always been very supportive of me and had never been the jealous type. A couple years ago I was sexually assaulted by a neighbor, who I trusted and thought was a friend. I waited a few days before I filed a police report […]

So confused – is my husband abusing me(content notice)

I am so scared to even say all this because I am afraid it’s not true; I am afraid that somehow I have imagined everything up.I have so many confused feelings and for a very very long time I have felt lost in my marriage. I apologize for the lengthy post. I dated my husband […]

Whatever the details are, it’s always the perpetrators fault

To the person who posted about perpetrators always being someone who is important to their victim: I find that really difficult. I understand that generally most people are close the the person who abuses or exploits them but I wasn’t. I wasn’t close to the family friend and I want close to the men who […]

Random Thoughts.

i am a survivor. After 6 years of marriage 2 kids i was just tired of it all. He was more of manipulator and messed with my head and emotions. He changed who i was and what i wanted in life. I wanted to kill myself every day and didn’t know what happy meant anymore. […]

Feeling guilty about being sexually assaulted

In the summer of 2016 I was sexually assaulted one night on my way home. So I have a boyfriend and he lives a little far from me so I have to travel quite far to visit. I have a buncha other friends who live near him which I used to see too. So we […]

Was I raped

I had been hanging out with this boy. I already told him about my rape when I six by my father, but when I told him he started laughing. I told him I wanted to watch movies only. He started kissing me and I told him to stop but he didn’t. After numerous of times […]

I didn’t say no

I met this guy a couple months ago and we hung out a few times before we even kissed. We both knew we didn’t want anything serious but I was a virgin and he said he didn’t want to ‘tske my virginity’ or whatever. I was of the mindset that I wanted to have sex […]


For several years I was gagged from speaking or finding help. Men saw me as an easy target. Ambien is a dangerous sleep aid and men took advantage of that amnesia to rape me. Between the victim blaming a smear campaign and a vicious divorce I’m so grateful I made it through alive. How sad […]

Family is like a terrorist cell

I am in a horrible situation. My husband comes from an abusive upbringing. After years of acknowledged abuse toward me and my daughter, he escalated and physically harmed me. in the first days, his family was supportive. Then they turned on us. 25 years of knowing these people and we are thrown out like trash, […]

Boyfriend doesn’t believe I was assaulted

It was in my first two weeks of college and my roommates and I went down town. I was decently drunk and I didn’t know exactly where we ended up, but it was some apartment house. I was talking to this kid and began to lean on him, but I didn’t mean to and I […]

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