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Writing to the Attorney General. Re: The Potential Unduly Lenient Sentence of Adam Hulin

Here is a draft letter to the Attorney General raising concerns about the unduly lenient sentence of Adam Hulin who pled guilty of the oral rape and sexual assault by penetration of a young girl under the age of 13 last month.

You can find details on how to complain here and you can submit the complaint by email: [email protected].

The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP
Attorney General’s Office
20 Victoria Street

Dear Mr Grieve,

Last month, 19-year-old Adam Hulin pleaded guilty of the oral rape and sexual assault by penetration of a young girl under the age of 13, crimes carried out in December 2012.

Despite the serious nature of these crimes, the jury in this case was discharged and the charge was not prosecuted, instead being allowed by Recorder George Lawson-Rogers QC to remain on file.

While a custodial sentence falls within sentencing guidelines for crimes of this magnitude, Mr Hulin was given a 12-month community order, ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and attend six sessions focusing on community integration. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge.

During sentencing, Mr Lawson-Rogers commented:

"The defendant is 19 and there is much to be said in his favour.  I have heard about his background. He has clear prospects for the future and is pursuing these at this time.

"I consider this the appropriate disposal. I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything which would prejudice his future career."

I believe that this sentence, delivered on on 24th April 2014, is unduly lenient and does not reflect the serious nature of the crimes carried out by Mr Hulin, nor the young age of his victim. Furthermore, I find that the comments by Mr Lawson-Rogers demonstrate a worryingly tolerant attitude towards those found guilty of sex offences against children, and fail to place appropriate emphasis on the damage caused by sexual violence against women and girls.

Personal talents do not mitigate the effects of sexual violence, and the fact that Mr Lawson-Rogers chose to focus on the sporting prowess of Mr Hulin when deciding his sentence serves only to confirm my belief that the judgement in this case is unduly lenient.

Please reconsider this sentence accordingly.




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5 thoughts on “Writing to the Attorney General. Re: The Potential Unduly Lenient Sentence of Adam Hulin

  • HerbsandHags says:

    Sorry, I misread that, the report says on THIS website, not on HIS website – IE the website of the Epsom Guardian.

  • Sara says:

    wth is this atrocity
    Half the criminals in the cell probably had though of a bright/brigther future
    Give him the proper punishment he deserves for his digesting and vile behaviour
    The girl was 13!!!

  • Robert says:

    This man is absolutely disgusting. He has absolutely no defense for what he did. Since the child he raped was 12 there is no mens rea requirement. All that ever needed to be proved is that he perpetrated the acts. It does not matter that he pleaded guilty, he would have been convicted anyway. The sentence he received is unacceptable.

    I support what is being done here. And I will encourage others to support this too.

  • Redskies says:

    Is there somewhere we can complain about unprofessional behaviour by Recorder George Lawson-Rogers QC. I would prefer that someone with his opinions not have charge of rape cases, in the future.

  • Laix says:

    We being winging its way very soon!thank you for sorting this !