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#DearCJSprofessionals – twitter, we need your help!

On Sunday 15th September, we at EVA have decided to try and get this hashtag trending: #dearCJSprofessionals – thanks to @wildwalkerwoman for the idea!

The purpose of the hashtag is for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse (DVSA) to communicate with professionals within the criminal justice system (CJS) such as police officers, probation officers, solicitors and victim support services, for example.

You may use the hashtag to share difficult experiences – where you were unsupported, victim blamed, experienced discrimination by CJS professionals, or alternatively, you may wish to share positive and empowering experiences – or both! We also hope that CJS professionals will use this hashtag to share their own experiences and to respond to survivors of DVSA.

The success of #dearmentalhealthprofessionals has inspired this hashtag – the communication between people experiencing mental ill health and service providers was important and powerful: we hope to follow in their footsteps.

So please join us on Sunday 15th of September – and ask your followers to join in too! Think about what you want to say to those involved in the CJS – what did they do that was helpful/harmful? What could they do differently in the future? Help them to understand the importance of supportive, empathic and empowering behaviour towards victims and survivors of DVSA.

Thank you!!!

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