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EVB is a trainingconsultancy and campaigning organisation. We actively campaign to have the voice of victim-survivors heard, and for the responsibility to be placed wholly on the perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence and abuse.


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You can anonymously share your thoughts, views and experiences of victim blaming in relation to domestic and sexual violence and abuse, as well as sexual exploitation and victim blaming culture. You can submit anonymously, or use a pseudonym to identify your post. We will manually approve any images that are posted.

We accept submissions from everyone - this is a safe space for people to share their views, thoughts and experiences.  We will not make judgement about your choices, or comment about your behaviour.  If you are disclosing domestic abuse & violence, sexual abuse or exploitation, we believe you.

If your submission contains any language or comments that are linked to victim blaming, this will be mentioned by 'admin' in the comments. This is not meant to 'pick fault', but as we know that victim blaming is ingrained in our society, it is easy to do it without realising.

Please note that any submissions you make may be publicised by our organisation, whilst retaining anonymity of the sender.  We request that any identifying information is removed prior to submission, unless you are happy for this information to be made public.

We will not publish or share your email with any other organisation.  For more information, please see our Data Protection & Confidentiality policies here.

If you are commenting on a post, comments are moderated to keep our users safe - please do not use language that is abusive, derogatory, sexist, racist, ableist, classist, homophobic, transphobic or discusses false allegations.  If you do, your comment will not be published.

Under "name" you can use one of the following: your real name, a pseudonym, 'anonymous', or a letter. We are committed to protecting the privacy of those who submit posts to our site and we understand how important it is for people to remain anonymous when sharing their personal experiences.

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