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The Police & Crime Commissioners work for YOU.

We have drafted an email that you can copy and paste and send to your Police & Crime Commissioner about the reality of domestic & sexual violence and the failures of police to deal appropriately with victims. The England & Wales PCC email addresses are listed below the email.

Please cross post onto your blogs - share the information as widely as possible. And keep us updated with any responses!


Dear (insert name of PCC)

Following the release of the Police Recorded Crime information regarding Domestic Violence, I have significant concerns about the response of both senior and junior police officers investigating these cases.

Please provide an update of your plan for dealing with the issue of Violence Against Women and Girls. We expect you to state clearly how your force is going to improve convictions rates for domestic and sexual violence, in order to improve the service for women and girls who report incidents perpetrated against them.

In addition to this, please provide details of how often officers are required to attend training in order to refresh their skills in dealing with these cases. If you require additional information regarding Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse training available in your area, these organisations will be able to help:

Women's Aid

Rape Crisis England & Wales

Ending Victimisation & Blame

I would expect you to be able to provide clear and detailed information of what practical steps are to be taken by your force to improve the response for victim-survivors and to ensure that domestic and sexual violence is taken seriously at all levels within your organisation.


Yours sincerely

(Your Name)


List of PCC Contacts:

AREA PCC Name Email address / Link to Contact PCC Page
Avon and Somerset Sue Mountstevens [email protected]
Bedfordshire Olly Martins [email protected]
Cambridgeshire Sir Graham Bright [email protected]
Cheshire John Dwyer [email protected]
Cleveland Barry Coppinger [email protected]
Cumbria Richard Rhodes [email protected]
Derbyshire Alan Charles [email protected]
Devon & Cornwall Tony Hogg [email protected]
Dorset Martyn Underhill [email protected]
Durham Ron Hogg [email protected]
Essex Nick Alston [email protected]
Gloucestershire Martin Surl [email protected]
Greater Manchester Tony Llloyd [email protected]
Hampshire Simon Hayes [email protected]
Hertfordshire David Lloyd [email protected]
Humberside Matthew Grove [email protected]
Kent Ann Barnes http://www.kent-pcc.gov.uk/contactannbarnes.html
Lancashire Clive Grunshaw http://www.lancashire-pcc.gov.uk/
Leicestershire Sir Clive Loader [email protected]
Lincolnshire Alan Hardwick [email protected]
London (Metropolitan & City of London policing area) Steven Greenhalgh MOPAC: [email protected]
Simon Duckworth http://democracy.cityoflondon.gov.uk
Merseyside Jane Kennedy [email protected]
Norfolk Stephen Bett [email protected]
North Yorkshire Julia Mulligan [email protected]
Northamptonshire Alan Simmonds [email protected]
Northumbria Vera Baird [email protected]
Nottinghamshire Paddy Tipping [email protected]
South Yorkshire Shaun Wright [email protected]
Staffordshire Matthew Ellis [email protected]
Suffolk Tim Passmore http://www.suffolk-pcc.gov.uk/
Surrey Kevin Hurley [email protected]
Sussex Katy Bourne [email protected]
Thames Valley Anthony Stansfield' [email protected]
Warwickshire Ron Ball [email protected]
West Mercia Bill Longmore http://www.westmercia-pcc.gov.uk/
West Midlands Bob Jones http://www.westmidlands-pcc.gov.uk/
West Yorkshire Mark Burns-Williamson [email protected]
Wiltshire Angus Macpherson http://www.wiltshire-pcc.gov.uk/
Dyfed-Powys Police Christopher Salmon [email protected]
Gwent Police Ian Johnston [email protected]
North Wales Police Winston Roddick [email protected]
South Wales Police Alun Michaels [email protected]
Scotland NA NA

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7 thoughts on “The Police & Crime Commissioners work for YOU.

  • Kate Middleton says:

    Good post. I am currently trapped in a domestic violence situation controlled by my parents at the age of forty eight.

    Hampshire and Thames Valley police have repeatedly refused to help even though they have written evidence that the abuse was known about in the 1970s.

    I have been going to the police for years about the threats and harassment and all that happens is they tell you to go to your GP who send you to a shrink..

    My parents don’t harass and threaten me themselves they use the police and medical profession to harass me.

    Hampshire police put in my CID witness statement that I was unable to report offences against me as a minor for twenty five years because of harrassment and they still refuse to sort out the situation…

  • Another Victim Survivor says:

    As a ‘MALE’ survivor of child rape (from when the age of 6 to 10yrs old)Police forces like Devon & Cornwall police & its Police Crime Commissioner will take little notice. Police have ridiculed, belittled & ignored every occasion over decades that historic child rape has been reported to numerous officers, in order by them (the police) to protect those police officers who have by their misconduct protected the perpetrators within their organisation of historic child rape.

    Unfortunately the police are not to be trusted by victims of crime as police protect their own.

  • dawnTaylorX says:

    For the benefit of all readers, please cite source(s) on the stats provided in “Police Recorded Crime” data, please.

    • Admin says:

      The data was obtained by the Labour Party, under the Freedom of Information Act. If you click through to the guardian article linked under ‘Police Recorded Crime’, the data tables from each force is recorded in charts & graphics.

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