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Please make a complaint to the ASA about Paddy Power

We are asking all of our followers to report online gambling website to the Advertising Standards Authority for this advertisement which was published in the Irish Sunday Independent.

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You can submit your complaint online following the instructions here.



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4 thoughts on “Please make a complaint to the ASA about Paddy Power

  • Ben Ferry says:

    Taking bets on whether a man is found guilty for murder is shocking. A woman is dead.
    Surely there are regulations against this.

  • Amy Bonsall says:

    I am disgusted that anyone could think it acceptable to to this. They should have all of their licences revoked because they are clearly utterly irresponsible

  • Jane Osmond says:

    Tweeted out to WVoN followers.

  • Sabina Lo says:

    It’s disgusting that something as grave as murder can be turned into a game for betting.