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Invisible Women by @KirstyStricklan for @WritetoEndVAW The Wooden Spoon Award

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This speech was given by Kirsty Strickland for the presentation of the Wooden Spoon Award at the Zero Tolerance Write to End Violence Awards. We are proud to support Zero Tolerance's work to recognise the importance of quality journalism in the fight to eradicate male violence against women and girls. 


The wooden spoon award.

Last year, the wooden spoon was given to sexist headlines. This year, Zero Tolerance have opted again to award the wooden spoon to a theme, rather than an individual article. This recognises the shortcomings of representation as a whole, rather than singling out one individual journalist.

This year, the theme we are focusing on is that of the so called ‘invisible woman’ –  namely, the media’s tendency to neglect to mention the woman in cases of a family killing and instead focus the majority of coverage on the perpetrator. This coverage is often centred on speculation about his imagined motivation:

Was he under stress at work?

Was she leaving him?

Did he ‘snap’?

In these cases a man – a husband, partner, or ex-partner – kills his family and himself, and reports all but erase the murdered woman.  ...


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