Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


In addition to half- and full-day training courses, Everyday Victim Blaming also delivers a range of shorter learning sessions to organisations that are committed to improving their levels of victim-survivor awareness.

Our sessions can be tailored to your requirements and delivered as informative and engaging briefings, or lively, interactive workshops.

Victim awareness workshops: a big step in a short space of time

Our workshop and briefing sessions take around two hours and are an ideal introduction to the issues of domestic and sexual violence, victim-blaming language and victim-survivor support.

Concise enough to be included in a wider programme, our workshops and briefings are designed to give organisations a short but thorough introduction to these topics, helping them to enhance victim awareness and make their services more accessible.

What kind of topics do your workshops and briefings cover?

While our workshops and briefings are naturally less in-depth than our half-day and full-day victim awareness training programmes, they still give a very thorough overview of the following issues:

• Identifying the Issue: how organisations can improve their victim awareness

• The importance of the individual: why victim-survivors matter

• Targeted services: ensuring your services meet the needs of victim-survivors

• Improving outcomes: achieving the best possible results for service users

How do I enquire about workshops and briefings by Everyday Victim Blaming?

If you would like to invite Jo Costello or another member of the Everyday Victim Blaming team to deliver a briefing or interactive workshop at your conference or event, please email Jo@everydayvictimblaming.com or fill out our contact form.

Require a longer training session? We can help!

Our workshops and briefing sessions offer an insightful introduction to the issue of victim awareness.

However, if your organisation would like to request some more in-depth training, please take a look at our range of half- and full-day training courses, which cover a wider variety of issues related to domestic and sexual violence, victim awareness, victim-blaming language and victim-survivor support.

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