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challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones…

Words can silence me for good.

In an age of social media dominance, professional organisations are under increasing pressure to take a progressive stance on the issues of domestic and sexual violence in order to provision appropriate services for victim-survivors.

Our engaging Victim Awareness training can help your organisation challenge the attitudes, language and culture that silence survivors, and contribute to the discourse around these topics in a fairer, more responsible way.

What the training includes:

Training takes place over a half day or full day, depending on your individual requirements. Content can be tailored according to your needs; core components to include:

  • Victim Awareness 101: what victim-survivors need & how your service can provide it

  • The Trouble With Language: an interactive analysis

  • Reframing the issue: deconstructing accepted frames of reference

  • Some Crimes But Not Others: where and why victim-blaming language occurs

  • What We Say and What Others Hear: challenging ourselves and others

  • A Brighter Future: what service improvements mean for survivors

  • The Broader Benefits: improvements for professional services and practitioners

  • Support and Interventions: reducing self-blame; encouraging recovery.

 Who Is The Training For?

  • Criminal Justice professionals

  • Social Care organisations

  • Local Authorities

  • Education organisations

  • Women’s support services

  • Equality and Diversity professionals

  • Journalists and media professionals

Training can be adapted to suit any organisation that supports or encounters women, children and young people affected by domestic or sexual violence

About Everyday Victim Blaming

Everyday Victim Blaming is a dynamic organisation dedicated to challenging and breaking down victim-blaming language across public, professional and media spheres.

Our Training Manager, Jo Costello, has over 10 years’ experience of supporting families, children and young people affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Working closely with external campaigns and organisations, Jo is a respected advocatcy specialist with a proven track record in designing interventions that improve service user outcomes.

For more information, or to book your training today, use the Contact Us form or email jo@everydayvictimblaming.com.

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