Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

Participant Feedback

Fabulous workshop, really informative

Really positive and constructive - helped us to be self reflective

One thing I've taken from today is that we must always practice what we're asking others to do, and challenge every time

Your point about us not being responsible for the emotions of others was really helpful

We must be careful not to revictimise women, and your campaign helps us not to!

Excellent session - really gave me food for thought

Brilliant support of women who bravely shared their experiences

Stimulating and working with other supportive women during the group activities was really useful

Such a crucial campaign - keep up the good work!

Really interesting and inspiring workshop - can relate and apply to everyday life

Really well presented, generated great discussion on our table and was very thought provoking

Fantastic - a really enjoyable session!

 Really useful - raised my awareness around this issue. Provided me with emotional and practical direction

Felt safe, heard, included & valid

Excellent presentation of aims & objectives, great to have ground rules in place. Thanks for ending with what we can do to support the campaign

Brilliantly participative and self reflective

Thanks for a useful reminder of the task ahead!

Useful to pull apart source, message and resulting consequences

Great to hear about achievements so far!

Very well presented workshop

Very useful session on indentifying the messages that can trigger victim blaming

Safe and secure environment, lots of validation from trainers. An inspiring message that I can effect change

Really interesting to hear participants' experiences & perceptions of victim blaming

Appreciated the honesty from the trainers - we all do this, and acknowledging this is the first step to changing it

Essential for all - inspirational

Fantastic - engaging and enlightening! Thank you

Excellent presentation, raising understanding and challenging personal views

Excellent - thank you for enabling us to explore some difficult issues

Enlightening, informative, challenging

Great talk & presentation - really interesting concept, thank you for doing what you do. It's amazing!

Great session by EVB - really worthwhile. Keep up the great work!

Stimulating and challenging - asks you to be reflective, without judgement.


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