Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

Guest Speaking

Would you like a guest speaker from Everyday Victim Blaming to attend your event, giving your delegates an expert insight into the issues surrounding domestic and sexual violence and abuse (DSVA)?

Naming the problem; increasing our knowledge

The Everyday Victim Blaming campaign aims to raise vital awareness of the issues of domestic and sexual violence, victim-blaming language and inadequate victim support.

Examining the role of the media and public-facing organisations in shaping the way we deal with these problems, Everyday Victim Blaming plays an important role in broadening and developing public consciousness, and increasing victim awareness.

What kind of events do your guest speakers attend?

We welcome the opportunity to speak with and to audiences about these topics, which directly and profoundly affect a large proportion of our society. Our keynote speaker engagements are particularly suited to:

• Conferences and events

• Internal training

• Charity events

• Public sector events

• Media and communications training

However, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements and tailor our approach to suit your organisation or event.

What kind of topics will your guest speaker cover?

Our guest speakers focus on the broad issues of domestic and sexual violence, victim awareness, victim-blaming language and victim-survivor support. More specifically, we use keynote speaker engagement opportunities to discuss topics such as:

• Raising awareness: naming the problem and increasing our knowledge

• Sharing skills: working together to create integrated support networks

• Why victims matter: a case for a victim-survivor-centric approach

• Improving service delivery: practicable steps to better victim-survivor support

How do I engage a guest speaker from Everyday Victim Blaming?

If you would like to invite Jo Costello or another member of the Everyday Victim Blaming team to be a guest speaker at your conference or event, please email Jo@everydayvictimblaming.com or fill out our contact form.

Require training rather than a guest speaker? We can help!

Everyday Victim Blaming offers a range of half- and full-day training courses designed to illuminate issues related to domestic and sexual violence, victim awareness, victim-blaming language and victim-survivor support.

Find out more about our training courses here.

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