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Abuse is not…..something that men experience just as much as women.

(cross-posted with permission from Always Hopeful) Recently an advert from the organisation ‘Mankind Initiative’ who support male victims of domestic abuse has been doing the rounds. The advert concludes with the statistic that 40% of domestic abuse victims are men.You can read an article about the advert which contains a response to it from Women’s […]

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Victim Blaming by Oxford Mail

I rarely visit local news outlets online websites. A link to an article stating the outcome to the inquiry into Thames Valley Police’s failings regarding the Oxford child rape gang was tweeted into my timeline so I followed to the Oxford Mail’s website to read the decision about how the police failed to protect a […]

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We need to talk about men’s violence.

I’m feeling thoroughly disheartened at the moment. A year into this campaign and change is grindingly and appallingly slow. It set me thinking about why this might be – we know our work is valuable; we’ve generated an enormous amount of support to confirm this. My question is – what is stopping us (as campaigners), […]

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Safety Advice and what it means.

EVB as an organisation are not against safety advice. We’ve written previously about ‘Stranger Danger’ and the misleading message it gives, but we wanted to reflect on the safety messages given to adults and what these mean. Safety messages are meant to be targeted at those undertaking risky behaviour – and with a quick 5 […]

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The Mitigation of Men’s Violence *Updated*

  Zahid Akram was a teacher who admitted blackmailing girls into sending him sexually explicit photographs. He claimed to be suffering from depression and being in a considerable amount of debt. Currently adjourned for pre-sentence reports. Douglas Bailey beat his wife to death after a ‘row’ over the heating. The police officer commenting on the […]

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Research Request – Excuses, Excuses

We’re planning to write about mitigation used in court cases & we need your help! We’re looking for: Media reports where abusers used excuses for their behaviour (example – intoxication, debt, mental ill health – this is a good example) Research analysing the ‘mitigating factors’ used as part of a defence Court transcripts detailing mitigation […]

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Victoria Coren Mitchell’s Implication of Contributory Negligence in the Polanski Rape Case

In 1977 a middle-aged predatory paedophile selected his victim. Thirteen year old Samantha Geimer was thrilled to be chosen to be photographed by film director Roman Polanski for French Vogue. He then isolated, groomed, drugged and raped her. Fearing a hefty sentence Polanski fled to Paris where, the following year, he was interviewed by Martin […]

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Classism & Roman Polanski

CW: The below piece mentions rape. Please read only if in a safe place to do so. This piece will be cross-posted to End Victim Blaming Now tomorrow. Like many others today, I have read Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s piece for The Observer on Roman Polanski and found it troubling to the extreme. I am sorry he […]

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