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violence against women and girls

Why doesn’t she just leave?

Imagine if instead of saying “why doesn’t she leave him?” we said “why doesn’t he leave her?” Imagine if we thought that men who control, threaten and manipulate women are responsible for their actions and that they should be the ones to leave. Imagine if wondering why she puts up with it, we wonder why he does it in the first place. Imagine if, […]

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Top Writing Tips on How to Screw Women Over

David Griffin, aka Dave Lee Travis has been convicted of sexual assault. Another man, another offence against women; same shit, different day. Yet still, after millennia of male-on-female violence, there are those who believe it just can’t be that simple. These people are imbued with insight, experience and common sense that many of us don’t […]

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Email Submitted to Metro Newspaper on 27 things that men do that women hate

Email submitted to Metro on article “27 things that men do that women hate” Good Afternoon I am contacting you to complain about this article which appeared on your website on May 3rd. Firstly, it’s my view that articles of this nature should not be appearing in a daily newspaper. Secondly many of the “things” […]

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Attitudes Towards Sexual Violence Need To Change

Women have for a long time been blamed for the sexual violence they experience. There is often the perception that women who indulge in risky behaviour asked for it and therefore, do not deserve any sympathy. These attitudes are wide spread and were recently confirmed in a survey carried out by Amnesty International “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign […]

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Vogue Italy target Domestic Violence in new edition. (content note for images)

Vogue Italy, under the editorship of Franca Sozzani, is currently running an issue on domestic violence, apparently as a way of raising awareness of the issue. Below are two images from the cover story, shot by Steven Meisel, called “Horror Story”:     Whilst we fully support any organisation willing to tackle the issue of domestic violence, […]

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