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No, wives ‘withholding sex’ are not to blame for male violence by Laura Bates

Wives who don’t have enough sex with their husbands are partly to blame for men committing sexual assault, according to an articlepublished by the Daily Mail. The writer, Dr Catherine Hakim, claims that “decent” husbands whose wives “starve” them of sex are driven to affairs and “forced to seek relief elsewhere”, resulting in “a profoundly negative more »

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All victims need to be rescued

I had toxic parents. Once i saw a live video of a coach. She was talking about raising children.I loved what she said. She seemed like a safe person to approach. Yesterday she did another video. In it,she was totally against the idea of rescuing victims. I contradicted her. I wrote about how hard my more »

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I cant tell my boyfriend that my friend assaulted me (content note)

I had planned a holiday to see a an online friend and meet in person, he knew i had a boyfriend and i had asked my boyfriends permission to visit my friend. When i got there everything was fine, my friend was great and friendly. My first night there we had drinks and my friend more »

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Vote for the Worst Police ‘Safety’ Campaign of 2015

Vote for the Worst Police Safety Campaign on survey monkey! We’re running this campaign to raise awareness of the ubiquity of misleading and victim blaming police ‘safety’ campaigns. We’d love your feedback on the individual campaigns and posters as we will be feeding the comments back to the relevant police authorities. These campaigns don’t exist more »

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West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) utterly irresponsible domestic violence campaign

We were sent this tweet today:   It’s safe to say we were utterly appalled by this poster, which demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the gendered dynamics of domestic violence and abuse (DVA), how perpetrators work, and insists the victim (almost always the mother) is equally culpable for the impact as the perpetrator. This more »

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Another comment submitted to the site which replicates victim blaming attitudes

We frequently get comments submitted to our site which are meant to be supportive by actually replicate the same victim blaming attitudes we campaign against. This is a recent example: Perhaps more worryingly, you are allowing your bf to continue punishing you for what happened. He is evidently carrying a lot of insecurities himself from more »

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Boyfriend believe rape was my fault

My boyfriend broke up with me and I was really lost and depressed. I was going out a lot with friends or family to keep myself distracted. One of my girlfriends was very happy I was single and took me under her wing. I knew she wasnt a great friend I could rely on but more »

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