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The Paedophile Next Door

Looking at images of “child porn” is child sexual abuse

We have had a number of troubling comments submitted to our site following the publication of a letter of complaint to Channel 4 about their documentary “The Paedophile Next Door”. These comments follow the same pattern and all seek to minimise the crime of viewing images of children being sexually abused, raped and tortured. They more »

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Letter of complaint to Channel 4 regarding ‘The Paedophile Next Door’ documentary

Channel 4 Enquiries PO Box 1058 Belfast BT1 9DU 29th November 2014 The Paedophile Next Door I wish to complain about the so called documentary, The Paedophile Next Door, broadcast on Tuesday 25 November 2014. This was a totally inappropriate programme to broadcast on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women given more »

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