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Street Harassment

Men’s intrusion: rethinking street harassment by Fiona Vera-Gray

To capture the impact of ‘street harassment’ on women’s sense of self, we may need to rethink our language to better fit the lived experience. … Attention to women’s experiences of intrusive men in public space is having something of a resurgence. Traditionally one of the most understudied yet commonly experienced forms of violence against women, more »

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Being blamed for being assaulted

Since I was a child, I learned that sexual harassment is part of everyday life, and as a teenager, that it is my responsability to not to be sexually assaulted. Thanks to feminist websites, I began to learn to challenge that toxic believes, and I learned that the responsability to not to assault people lies more »

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Scottish women taking on the sexist curse of street harassment by Judith Duffy

Winner: Best Article – News Write to End Violence Against Women Awards Judith Duffy Scottish women taking on the sexist curse of street harassment Sunday Herald IT IS often dismissed as wolf-whistling, cat-calling or so-called “banter” – but now there are growing efforts to tackle the problem of women being sexually harassed in the street more »

Jeremy Corbyn and the women-only train paradox

We don’t support any single political party. In fact, none come close to meeting our standards on policies to end violence against women and girls. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats decimated women’s services, made it more difficult to access child maintenance, and removed many safety nets to ending poverty. Current Conservative policies engage in flagrant more »

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Telegraph writes about sexual harassment: implies victim is to blame for being un-married and not a mother

Poppy Smart, a digital marketing coordinator, raised a complaint with the West Mercia Police after experiencing sexual harassment from staff on a building site run by Fimeca Building and Maintenance. According to the Telegraph, this is the first time the police in England/Wales have investigated “wolf-whistling” as a form of sexual harassment. We fully support more »

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The Power of Derailing Political Discussions about Male Violence

This morning we received a link to a Jezebel article entitled “Woman Shot and Killed After Refusing to Give Man Her Phone Number” from @ma_franks. 27-year old Mary “Unique” Spears was shot to death for refusing to give out her phone number to a man. The unnamed (as of yet) suspect shot Spears three times and more »

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Overt victim blaming on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

On Wednesday afternoon, when I got back from work I sat at my PC and watched the Alan Titchmarsh Show. I can’t say it’s something I’m proud of, but I was keen to see it as I knew Laura Bates of Everyday sexism was on the programme discussing whether or not sexism still exists. I more »

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The normalisation of gendered violence:The importance of allowing women and girls to name their experience of violation as real.

I recently read a blog on The Guardian’s website describing how some male students at Oxford University are wearing white ribbons to protest against and acknowledge the very real experiences of their fellow female students of sexual violence and misogynistic behaviour on campus. The campaign ‘It Happens Here’ has seen a number of women come more »

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Street harassment is responsible for men not getting enough sexy-times.

Street harassment is responsible for men not getting enough sexy-times. At least, that seems to be the point of David Foster’s disgraceful attack on the Everyday Sexism Project in the Guardian.* The fact that Foster can’t tell the difference between asking a woman on a date and street harassment is his problem but he chooses more »

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