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In the News- 20.6-27.6

Why the silence on the scandal of unpaid child maintenance? by Polly Toynbee Fathers4Justice staged another of its misogynist demos yesterday, briefly barging into the studio of ITV’s Loose Women while it was on air, claiming the programme denigrates men. They waved £20 notes and Y-fronts printed with “Pants to the CSA” in a protest calling on fathers more »

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These 14 Women Were Brutally Attacked for Rejecting Men — Why Aren’t We Talking About It? by @jennykutner

It was “easy” for Christopher O’Kroley to kill Caroline Nosal, his coworker at a Madison, Wisconsin, grocery store and the object of his unrequited affection. He said so himself earlier this month, when he was arrested for fatally shooting Nosal because she rejected his romantic advances. He reportedly “wanted more” from their relationship and she turned him down. So more »

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.@TheSun confuses rape with a “romp” (via @EverydaySexism)

The inquiry into the death of Cheryl James at the Deepcut barracks is ongoing. The Sun has chosen to refer a serious allegation of the sexual harassment and attempted rape of James as a ‘romp’. We urge people to take 5 minutes to make a formal complaint to The Sun about their misrepresentation of sexual more »

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South Yorkshire Police (@syptweet) conflate rape with eating too much chocolate

Three days ago, we started a survey asking people to comment on the 5 worst offenders we’ve seen in police ‘safety’ campaigns. Clearly, we started the survey too early as our twitter feed contained contributions from Bedfordshire police and the following from South York Police using the #noregrets hashtag. These are actual tweets using the #noregrets more »

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Martin Daubney misses the point completely when talking about sexual harassment

Martin Daubney has written yet another one of his articles dismissing women’ experiences of sexual violence insinuating that sexual harassment is just women over-reacting. The arrogance and male entitlement in Daubney’s article is breathtaking; as is his clear lack of understanding of rape culture. Wolf-whistling is misogyny in action. It is not a compliment, nor more »

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Telegraph writes about sexual harassment: implies victim is to blame for being un-married and not a mother

Poppy Smart, a digital marketing coordinator, raised a complaint with the West Mercia Police after experiencing sexual harassment from staff on a building site run by Fimeca Building and Maintenance. According to the Telegraph, this is the first time the police in England/Wales have investigated “wolf-whistling” as a form of sexual harassment. We fully support more »

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It’s all in the body language – John Travolta at the Oscars 2015

I don’t follow the Oscars, it’s not my ‘thing’ but it’s difficult to avoid when you’re scrolling through Twitter. The one ‘thing’ that stood out from the talk of dresses and who won what and who was robbed … Was the behaviour of John Travolta towards the actors, Scarlett Johansson and Idina Menzel. You didn’t more »

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