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Sexual Assault

Edinburgh Evening News: When a Perpetrators’ Career is more important than Sexual Assault

Sebastian Trotter was pled guilty to sexual assault and was placed on the sex register for six months, given a six-month offender’s supervision order, and ordered to pay the victim £500. The Edinburgh Evening News used this headline: “Newly-wed accountant’s career in ruins after sex attack”. Following complaints on twitter, the article heading was switched to more »

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News media still protect powerful men accused of sexual misconduct by Lindsey Blumell

When Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was finally fired after years of sexual harassment claims, it seemed like a welcome break from the norm: an exceptionally powerful man accused of sexual misconduct was for once not protected at all costs. While various harassment claims against Donald Trump failed to stop him in his path to more »

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‘Revenge Porn’ Is A Form Of Sexual Assault by @McGlynnClare

Actor Mischa Barton has become the latest in the long line of victims of what is commonly known as ‘revenge porn’. Her ex-partner secretly filmed her engaged in sexual activity and has been touting the videos for sale. Bravely speaking out about her experiences, Mischa said “I came forward to fight this, not only for myself but more »

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Man arrested for racially-aggravated sexual assault. BBC headline gets confused with a carry-on film.

Due to the limited number of characters allowed by the BBC informal complaints, we have sent the following about the conviction of city lawyer Alistair Main:   Alistair Main has been convicted of one count of racially-aggravated assault and one of sexual assault. You minimise his criminal act of racialised sexual violence in your headline more »

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I cant tell my boyfriend that my friend assaulted me (content note)

I had planned a holiday to see a an online friend and meet in person, he knew i had a boyfriend and i had asked my boyfriends permission to visit my friend. When i got there everything was fine, my friend was great and friendly. My first night there we had drinks and my friend more »

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Raped for a second time, boyfriend does not believe me. (content note)

I have been a committed relationship for 4 years with a guy I truly adore. We have planned on getting married, and also starting a family in the future. We are both young in our 20’s, but we have a strong friendship before the relationship. When I was in 6th grade, for 3 years, I more »

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