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Sexual Assault

Man arrested for racially-aggravated sexual assault. BBC headline gets confused with a carry-on film.

Due to the limited number of characters allowed by the BBC informal complaints, we have sent the following about the conviction of city lawyer Alistair Main:   Alistair Main has been convicted of one count of racially-aggravated assault and one of sexual assault. You minimise his criminal act of racialised sexual violence in your headline more »

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I cant tell my boyfriend that my friend assaulted me (content note)

I had planned a holiday to see a an online friend and meet in person, he knew i had a boyfriend and i had asked my boyfriends permission to visit my friend. When i got there everything was fine, my friend was great and friendly. My first night there we had drinks and my friend more »

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Raped for a second time, boyfriend does not believe me. (content note)

I have been a committed relationship for 4 years with a guy I truly adore. We have planned on getting married, and also starting a family in the future. We are both young in our 20’s, but we have a strong friendship before the relationship. When I was in 6th grade, for 3 years, I more »

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I was assaulted and my friends won’t speak to me

Recently after a few stressful months I found myself in a full blown manic episode (I suffer from bi-polar disorder) I began doing things out of character and acting completely out of control. I broke up with my boyfriend, started drinking excessively and developed a dependence on cocaine. I had plans to go out with more »

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Defining Consent: The Case of Jennifer Staines

We have seen a number of discussions of the case of Jennifer Staines, 23, who was convicted of sexual assault by deception by creating a fake social media presence as a man and pursuing sexual relationships with three girls. We have seen numerous discussions refer to this case as ‘sex by deception’, despite the fact that more »

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I Said No He Kept Going

I had this friends with benefits relationship with this guy. I broke it off and told him that I just wanted to be friends. One night he came over to my house and we were watching Game of Thrones on my laptop on my bed. He started touching me. I moved his hand and told more »

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Bernard Hogan-Howe Is Wrong on Police ‘Believing’ Rape Victims

Bernard Hogan-Howe’s comments about changing police practice on “belief” of rape victims are alarming. First of all, it is a misrepresentation to imply that current police practice involves police officers unconditionally believing those who report a sexual assault. After years of extremely bad treatment of rape victims, what we’re supposed to have now is police procedure where the complainant more »

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